Amazing Fan-Made Video For Miichan!!!

  April 27, 2012

This is one of the best fan-made video for AKB members, I think. What’s amazing about this video is that this is made by overseas fans!!!!! He/she may have collected all pieces from video sharing websites and put together in this video. What a great passion isn’t!?

1st part: She confessed her negative thought that she can’t have confidence surrounded by top-ranking members that from her eyes they have something essential to be in top, something she doesn’t have.
2nd part: She displayed her dance skill in TV show, back when she was 13y/o, right after she joined AKB. seveeral years later AkiP in another TV show described her “comedy team in AKB” but added she showed great potential in TV talk show and assured that she will still be in this industry, making appearance in TV show 30 years later.
3rd part: She talks about what she was said by fans at shake-hands event. “Shaku-Tori Ganbatte”. She once said she would do anything to get camera focused on her in TV show, and this caused fans call her by the nickname of Shaku-Tori (Shaku=length (of TV appearance ) Tori=taker). In lie detector scene, she once again stated that once she was eager to be an idol in orthodox sense, but now she is accepting herself that her best path in show-biz world would lie in TV talk show or TV comedy show as AkiP suggests.
4th part: (a candidate’s election speech) Have a courage to accept being disliked by people. I believe the saying (from AkiP) that those who don’t have people who hate them can’t have those who like them, and with this in my heart i’m going to do my 100% best (for the election).
5th: (speech at 2010 election): Though my result in this election is like this, through the election I realized  the most precious thing, that there’re so many people who kindly said that they like me so much. I realized this, and never forget this as I’m going ahead on my path. I have a lot left to do in AKB, and I continue to do my homework in AKB. Thank you so much for your warm support.
6th: (before 2011 election) Behind Kojiharu and Takamina… when asked whether if they are scouted by Morning Musume, they will join, she gave a glimpse of her real thought that her thought may be different from them who are ranked 5th and 6th which are by far higher than Miichan. (in a taxi) If it’s possible I want to be in higher position in the election. I want to be in Senbatsu. If I am allowed to be bold, I would say I want to be in the first row of Senbatsu not 3rd or 2nd row, where I am usually in. But I understand that can be only possible in R-C-P tournamnet…. (in an interview) Center position of AKB is… I know I can’t be the center, but center position of AKB is grueling job that I can’t dare to say I can fully carry out the role. Though it’s a shiny, attractive position, I understand the center position is so hard to take on.
Final part: (Writing an answer on question paper) Q.what “Sorrow” you come to know after you joined AKB? Her Answer: “Effort” is not everything. (Not everything can be accomplished by effort.)
Q. What AKB is about for you? Her Answer: My Adolescence.

Note: this video is introduced in Japan’s largest online forum, two channel, and received a lot of sympathy from many.