Asuka Kuramochi of team A Co-Stars ‘Sports X’ with Katsuya Furuta!!

  April 14, 2012

New TV program “Sports X (cross)”, in whchi Asuka Kuramochi of Team A starred as a sportscaster, started airing 12:30 today on BS Asahi.

In this program Asuka with other casters introduces Japanese athletes and their passion and lover for sports to nationwide viewers. It also features Nadeshiko “Strong and Beautiful Japanese women” in Sports world.
Passion, love for Sports, importance of teamwork, trust, loyalty, bond with family, we can learn those authentic value from sports. Former Pro-baseball player Katsuya Furuta (who is from Kobe!!) and sports enthusiasts Asuka Kuramochi, whose father is also former Pro-basell picher (Akira Kuramochi!!) present you to the program.

Official site puts an interview to Asuka Kuramochi on her thought about the program.

When I first heard the offer, I was thrilled to DNA. lol
Since I was a child, my dream has been debuting in the entertainment world as a member of idol unit like “Speed”. Now that my dream came true, I thought it’s time to engage in my another dream of being engaged in Sports-related job such as sports journalist or sportscaster (this is her initial reason to try out the AKB audition)
そこへ「SPORTS X(スポーツクロス)」の話がきて、次々と夢が実現し、とても嬉しいです。
Then I got this offer. I’m so happy my dreams are coming true one after another.

She said her father was so excited that his daughter will co-host the sports show with the former Yakurt-Swallowe star Katsuya Furuta!! That drove whole her family in huge excitement.

You know the case of Sakura Yokomine or Ai Miyazato. Making his daughter a professional golf player is a kind of dream of all former pro sports player. And Asuka’s father is not different. But her mother opposed to him since she didn’t want her daughter tanned.

Asuka has 2 brothers, and both belong to baseball club. It somehow made Asuka join their baseball batting practice after dinner. lol (For some reason, maybe it makes her skin tanned, her mother didn’t oppose this)

She had belonged to Dodge-ball club since she was 3rd or 4th grade, and she was made to practice in order to throw the ball straight. But she did the practice in the corridor of her house, which made her father shout at her “Don’t make a fuss!!”. But that made her progress fast!!

Since she was doing Dodge-ball in elementary school, she wanted to join volley-ball club in junior-high school. But her friend submitted Asuka’s application to Soft-Tennis club without her permission, which forced her to join the club. Other than that she was practicing Swimming, Ballet and dancing.

[What would you like to tell people through this TV program?]
I think people usually associate sports with men, but recently women play a important role in sports too. (World Cup Soccer!!!! Nadeshiko Japan!!!)
I want to report those girls in my generation who are forging their way in their respective fields of sports.
I think there’s something that I can make the best of myself such as reporting the real of women athletes in their 20’s. So I want to contribute to the program through attracting younger female audience.
And I hope through this program, a young girl and her father will find common topic that they can share with and create conversation between them, an ultimately create firm relationship within the family.
自分がそうだったように。Like I used to be with my father, 
At any cost, I try to create the program which father and daughter can enjoy together.