Bakaleya Casts Did Live-Commenting On G+ During TV On-Air of the First Episode (Preview of Maeda Atsuko’s new solo single “Migikata”)

  April 17, 2012

On April 14th, the first episode of ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou‘ was aired. Fans could listen to the preview of Maeda Atsuko’s new solo single “Migikata” as a ending theme song for the show.

This will be Maeda’s 2nd solo single and first single after she announced her graduation from AKB48. The release date or any other details have not been decided yet.

Check out the “Migikata” and also clips from ‘Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’.

Source Tokyohive
The Drama also caught fans attention as this is the first time we can see the acting of Kaoru Mitsumune, a super trainee, not as a brief one. Other AKB members in the Drama includes Paruru, Mina Oba, Mariya Nagao, Marina Kobayashi, Haruka Shimada, Rie Kitahara and Mariko Nakamura.
Since we all know there’s no other J-pop sites (in English) that provides you the deep insight of the group other than AKB48WrapUp, I feel it a duty to introduce you what was happening on G+ last night in Japan both for all AKB fans in the world and our girls. lol (By the way after the on-air I and many other Japanese viewers concluded this Drama is more of Janny’s Drama rather than AKB & Janny’s collaboration…)
Anyway, on the evening a little before the first episode was aired on TV, Paruru wrote on her G+

島崎遥香(Paruru) 昨日 23:27 

Today was a day off after a long time.\(^o^)/It was such an ideal holiday!
I slept until noon, I ate what I love, I watched TV, then I took a nap and woke up, ate a meal, watched TV, then took a bath.
Then I’m gonna watch Bakaleya realtime, then go to plan.
Do you want me to do live commenting!?

仲谷明香(Sayaka Nakaya) 23:34 

When will Balaleya start today?

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Nakaya san\(^o^)/?大場美奈 (Mina Oba)Wow\(^o^)/?Nakayan san?

(Thay didn’t tell her what time… lol) But instead the captain told her the information.

中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura)

It will start from 25:20?!

中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura) Normally it will start on 24:50!

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Let’s do live-commenting after the Drama starts together(She talked to fans). Once the comments reached 500, I’ll upload new post

高橋朱里 (Juri Takahashi)

Shimazaki saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!I had a food called Cheese Ball I want to show it to you so I will bring it back home(・ν・)/

仲谷明香 (Sayaka Nakaya)

I will try to wake up until Bakaleya starts

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Hi there! It’s only 1 hour and 20 minutes before the on-air!みんな後1時間How do you feel? I’m excited!
島崎遥香 (Paruru)

I’m making preparation to reveal behind the scene stories while I’m live-commenting!Please look forward to it!So you must with us real-time on G+!

横山由依 (Yui Yokoyama)


島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Now I put on glasses. I’m ready!

中村麻里子(Mariko Nakamura) 1:19 

【Live】Bakaleya High School【Spoiler!】
We are talking about the Drama live!Please be cautious, since this is gonna be totally spoiler!(^_^)

島崎遥香(Paruru) 1:20 

Finally it started!Are you watching?\(^o^)/
Live Starts!!

中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura)

I’m on it!

大場美奈(Mina Oba) 1:21 

Don’t go to beds・*・:≡( ε:)It’s time to leave from beds!Let’s start\(^o^)/

島崎遥香 1:23 

※Spoiler for people not in Tokyo Metropolitan area※【Backstory1】
Seitokaityo appeared\(^o^)/
Her name is Shinyozi FumieIt was hard to read this difficult line.I memorized it a little. A tiny little lolKime Kime Kiraaan!\(^o^)/
In the script, I was supposed to do Ikebana.Oh I did drop it lol

中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura)

Ikebana, and students around are applauding her lolo

島崎遥香(Paruru) 1:27 

Spoiler for people not in Tokyo Metropolitan area※ 【Backstory2】 
Last fist in the right side is my fist!You may think we are actually hit each other’s fists?Actually, we start from the state our fists are touched together.In plain words, it’s a reverse play!

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Mr. Kamikawa.. fantastic..

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Oh don’t fight! Stop!

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

uhmmm he looks very strong… 

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

writes 馬鹿田(Bakada) reads Makada.

永尾まりや (Mariya Nagao)

I’m very ugly.
永尾まりや (Mariya Nagao) 

Which is of course?
永尾まりや (Mariya Nagao) 

See you next week♪

島崎遥香 1:37 

 Spoiler for people not in Tokyo Metropolitan area    【backstory3】 
The scene Mina and I walked up the steep. 
It looks like we are walking normal.Actually….We start from sitting down.Put it in easy words, we start from the first page of History Textbook.We are gradually becoming human lol

島崎遥香 (Paruru)

Your friends came to help you. (^_^)


Engslih. I can’t understand lol

島崎遥香 1:44 

 Spoiler for people not in Tokyo Metropolitan area     【Backstory4】
From the way to school to reach the school.That day, the sun was shining so strong and dazzling.But there also were strong winds that made me feel cold.I look like being dazzled so much.Since the sunshine was so bright, I blink a lot and re-took the cut a lot.

中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura)

It was the day we saw Sakura blooming.

102 comments – 1 minute ago – Mariko Nakamura lolololol

中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura)

I posted too much that I may come to the level that I would get banned.
中村麻里子 (Mariko Nakamura)

I’ll start practice for tomorrow’s RESET show!Bye!

島崎遥香(Paruru) 1:47 

  Spoiler for people not in Tokyo Metropolitan area    

The first meeting with fellows from Makada highschool.
This scene was filmed lately.There’s a strong wind.There’re a lot of planes flying in the air.
Ending theme song.Maeda-san’s vocal!! I love it!!

At this point, one fan commented, “I live in the area where the Drama will not be aired. I feel obsoleted since everyone is talking about it.”
Fine fine here in US, everybody’s like you, but still we love to read those comments! 

中村麻里子(Mariko Nakamura) 2:04 

Since I wrote too many comments,I would like to leave here before I goet banned 
It feels like a dream or a illusion.Me in the TV Drama!? Dream-like real story.I went one step closer to my dream, my eyes got a little wet..
Please welcome Kaori Shinohara(Mariko’s role in the Drama) 
Please watch Bakaleya next week!!

仲谷明香(Sayaka Nakaya) 1:30 

Bakaleya was interesting.
If only it started around 24:00… then I could watch it more confortably..
Ok I go to bed. Good night~