Damn it!!!!! Why the hell I wasn’t in Tokyo!!

As I wrote before, Acchan’s graduation announcement triggered the biggest phenomena in Tokyo, kida. “Tokyo pastel sand”, the sweet for souvenir Tokyo is exclusively sold in Tokyo and Shinagawa station (maybe the retailer is a subsidiary of JR?). The thing is AKB48 collaborates the sweet and cute photos of members are printed on it’s package, as well as brochure comes inside the package.
AKB48 x Tokyo Pastel Sand seems to be limited-period campaign and the company will be releasing 3 different tastes of Pastel Sand. The first one is with strawberry flavor, comes with red-color package, and Acchan (along with other members) was on this red package.

Since the product has 3 versions, people speculated this strawberry would stop selling once the next green one goes on sale. Well, that speculation turned out to be true. Now the green one (Green tea) hit the shelves of vendors in the 2 stations, while the previous strawberry one has disappeared. Yes, they officially stopped the sales of Acchan package.

And I have to apologize to you that on their official website, the company proudly stated that the red one was only available until the middle of Apr. So Sorry. And I have to apologize one more thing. The green version also has Acchan on it’s package!! lol

Now available green tea Pastel Sand is on sale until the middle of May, then Chocolate Orange will replace it.

The official website is introducing members messages 4 by 4 for each version’s release.

For Strawberry (1st product), Acchan, Mayuyu, Rie Kitahara and Yui Kokoyama,
for Green Tea (2nd), Takamina (<3), Yukirik (<3), Aki Takajo and Sashiko (<3<3),
for Chocolate Orange (3rd), the rest members of the 12 on top page, Miichan, Kojiharu, Mariko and Yuko? (Sorry, they say it’s Yuko but I can’t recognize her from the photo on the toppage)

Anyway you can still buy this Tokyo’s hottest souvenir (if not coolest) until the middle of June. Hope you have a chance to get some!

Official Tokyo Pastel Sand

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Sashiko lol
“This is not a great  stuff but… hummm, no, it’s not, I’m just trying to be humble!! “

Since this is supposed to be souvenir, comes in this fantastic bag.