Can You Tell Who She Is? Q from Photographer Mariko

  April 5, 2012


篠田麻里子  –  5:04 PM  –  Public
撮影終えて今から全国ツアーのリハーサルへ( *`ω´) さてこの写真はだーれだ!!

Finished photoshoots! Now heading to rehearsal for the nationwide tour( *`ω´)So can you tell who is this girl in the picture???

The answer is… Harugon (Haruka Nakagawa, the girl with Acchan in HK). This is the work of photographer Shinoda 😉 She had some adult looking make up on 🙂 Now we’ll start team-A rehearsal, do my best\(^o^)/ Ganbarumba! (Ganbaru=try my best, rumba=Afro-Cuban Rumba dance)



篠田麻里子  –  5:20 PM  –  Public
正解ははるごーん!!だよ( *`ω´) 篠田カメラマンが撮影しました♪大人メイクにしてたよ(笑)チームAリハーサルがんばるんば\(^o^)/