Even When You Can’t Talk, I Can Always Feel You – Takamina Speaks for Acchan

  April 7, 2012

AKB48’s nationwide tour has started with Friday’s concert in Fukuoka.
This is their first tour which covers all of 47 prefectures.

There was a moment that Takamina suggested Acchan to give a brief speech, but as shaking her head, she held back and turned it down.

Followed by the graduation announcement, she just made a public speech on her withdrawal from the coming next election. On behalf of Acchan, Takamina talked to fans, “She announced her graduation, but we don’t have a specific date of her graduation. Please keep supporting AKB48.”

Until this moment, Acchan seemed to be just same as usual. She spoke to her grandparents, who came to see her in this concert, “Today, I have my grandparents here. I try my best so that they say ‘Acchan has grown up!'”. When she saw her grandparents waved their hands to her, she said “Ureshii~~~” with her hands on her chest.

source Sponichi, Modelpress

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