Gromance – Mariko Shinoda and Haruna Kojima’s Hilarious Daily Life

  April 4, 2012
I love Nigahiga, not just because I’m Japanese and Asian, but because I love his sense of humor and the way he speaks, and he makes really cool and funny stuffs. One of his recent huge sensation is the song “Bromance” which stuck into my mind. This Bromance word is perfect to describe the relationship between two adult girls of AKB48, Kojiharu (Haruna Kojima  小嶋陽菜) and Mariko (Mariko Shinoda  篠田麻里子).
Today, we found a funny interview of Mariko Shinoda talking about her episode with Kojiharu in this week issue of Playboy Japan.

Playboy: Can you talk about some secret stories about other members?

Mariko: Ok… say.. Maybe it’s hard to imagine given her character, but Haruna always ask me to have dinner with her!! As long as I can afford my time, I go with her, but since we both have though schedule, I usually turns down her call 2 or 3 times a week. Haha, Haruna hate being alone sooo much!! She looks sadistic (lol) but in fact she approaches to people more often than being approached from people.

Playboy: Wow That’s amazing!! It’s something only Shinoda-san knows I guess.

Before we reported Mariko sometimes eats alone, and whenever she eats alone, she tweets photos of foods she is eating. So…. when she doesn’t tweet anything to us, we’d better assume that she is having meal with Kojiharu!!