How Mariko Shinoda Reacts When Fans Talk to Her?

  April 1, 2012

Mariko Shinoda often walk outside on her own. Of course if it’s Japan, everybody knows her face.
Given her distinctive hair style and beautiful body, it seems difficult not to be noticed….

Here she revealed how she deal with this on her google + page.

篠田麻里子 – 21:53
篠田麻里子さんですか?って気づかれた時、よく似てるって言われます~( *`ω´) って言うと皆あたふたする。 
イタズラおもろ~\(^o^)/When I was noticed by people and asked “Are you… Mariko san?”  I sometimes replies “I often mistaken for Mariko san~~” People get looks upset with my answer… I love plank~

篠田麻里子 – 22:01
篠田麻里子三つ子説…( *`ω´) ふふ Urban myth: Mariko Shinoda has identical triplet sisters….

篠田麻里子 – 22:16 

|` / 
| / 

なわけあるかい!( *`ω´) ノ That couldn’t be true!