Japanese Girls Admire Astuko Maeda’s Sweet Face and Request Tutorial for Her Sweet MakeUp

  April 15, 2012

Atusko Maeda’s “Amagao Make (Sweet face make-up)” triggered the sensation among Japanese girls. She was on the front cover of the Mar issue of CUTiE Magazine, and tons of readers requested the tutorial for her sweet makeup she showed in the cover (or requested how to makeup to look like sweet faces like her). 

The magazine then responded with the May issue, features  “Amagao Make (Sweet face make-up)”, introducing detailed techniques used for the makeup. 

Titled “You can have a lovely sweet face”, this featured article will also spotlight famous Kawaii folks like singer Kana Nishino, fashion guru Tsubasa Masuwaka, introducing their techniques as well.

The article really goes into detail so that you could transform into a sweet lovely face like Acchan. Let’s check it out.

The key points are natural makeup making the best of natural skin tone, lovely cute Tareme eyes. Putting dramatic flavor on eyes with eyelash-wig and colored contact lens, but by putting pearl white color on Namidabukuro (swelling part seen in the margin of lower eyelid, one of the most attractive facial part for Japanese), keep soft and fresh texture. The result is looking like natural, but has mysteriously attractive cuteness, and sweet fascination.

Brown eyeshadow, eyelash-wig should be heavier in the end corner of eyes, add pink-color for cheek, put gross on the center of lips to make it look more full. Those kinds of concrete advises are selling point of the article. On top of that famous names introduce their favorite cosmetic products.

As always, salute to those dudes who grab the magazine at a bookshop!!

Source Mynavi, CUTiE

I’m not a particularly patriotic person (not at all!) nor very proud of my country, but when it comes to girls, I must say, yes I must say Japanese girls is No.1 since it’s not an opinion it’s a fact. Or maybe european girls are also gorgeous and care about their looking, but in America most women are quite laz… oh someone is staring at me…I should stop lol