Kana Kobayashi Worries About Sayaka Eating Alone

  April 19, 2012

According to Cinematoday,

One of *Four Comedy Divas of AKB48, Kana Kobayashi and comedian Udo Suzuki attended a press conference for their new TV show “Udo chan to Kana chan no Onayami Soudanshitu (counseling room of Udo chan and Kana chan)” at 火鍋 restaurant in Tokyo “小肥羊“. (how can I translate this, fire hot pot? Chinese fans, help!)

In this TV show, Kana and Udo host guests who have worries they want to consult to someone. Both advise the guests kindly or sometimes they takes physical risk to to find a solution.

The press conference is held in a relax mood surrounding  火鍋. Asked about who seems to have worries in AKB, Kana named Sayaka. Sayaka is the coolest beauty of AKB48, but she revealed “Sayaka asks me to go out eating together almost everyday, so we eat together so often” Ahead of the time of the start of TV show, Kana starts consulting, said “Sayaka never hesitates to go out eating or Yakiniku alone, so I want to be her help to make more frineds in AKB, and make an environment that she can easily ask them to eat together.”

Asked about her thought on MC role, which for the first time she play in TV show, she cheerfully said “I’m a shy person, but it’s great to be in TV show with Mr.Udo. I want to learn from his powerful talking power, and help a lot of people relieve their worries!”. Udo added “I think she seems to be older than me mentally. She is a vein of gold that more she talk, more funny things come out. I too want to absorb a lot from her! Please treat me as your fellow member of AKB!”

Brief excerpt from the interview at the press conference from Nikkan,
Udo “What does Japan need now? That’s why we gathered here (why they starts this TV show)”
Kana “I’m not a Tsukkomi-type person in AKB48…” (Tsukkomi-type person is supposed to take on Udo’s joke and make it more funnier, like saying funny thing as hitting his head lol)
Udo “I thought AKB48 is as far as stars in the sky, but now I co-star with Kana chan, I think I got a huge connection!”

Udo, famously known for his preference for elder women (older women), further stated “My Strike-Zone is broad (from 18~70 he once said), and I come to like a various kind of people. I’m interested in love relationship in any generations, so I want to talk about love!” Contrary to Udo, Kana said “I think I can answer from my 20 year’s life experience except love (Love relationship is taboo in AKB)”.

*Producer of Weekly AKB Yoshio Gotoh named Rino Sashihara, Kana Kobayashi, Minami Minegishi and Miho Miyazaki, Four Comedy Divas (Variety Sitennoh), said “I can feel easy when one of those 4 girls are in TV show(since they’re cut out for comedy)”