Kimutaku of Smap Reacted To Yuko’s Remark with Doyagao-Face

  April 27, 2012
Kimutaku’s reaction to Yuko’s a bit bold remark (with Doyagao) brought a little headline among some of Yuko haters and her fans as well in online forum. So check out the scene with your own eyes. The scene they’re talking about starts from 34:30~.

Esumi “Everyone do you have something you want to ask members of SMAP?”
Kusanagi(SMAP) “(smiling casually)”
Sashiko “Hai! Hai! Hai!”
Nakai-kun(SMAP) “Stop it…. Now we are recording!”
Miichan “When is the last time 5 of you go somewhere together? I mean private life.”
SMAP “Private? You talk about Private?”
Nakai-kun(SMAP) “We’ve never in our private life.” (with a smile)
Yuko “Then how about 4?” (DOYAGAO lol)
Kusanagi(SMAP) “(super serious face)”
Kimutaku “Why the heck Oshima-san suddenly be such ballsy!?”
Kimutaku “how about 4???” (impersonating Yuko)
Yuko “ohmm I just wondered… if 4 of you… “
Nakai-kun “Ahhhhhh (reminded of something) We gathered at Mori-kun’s house at the last day of him as a member of SMAP!!!”

left: Kusanagi

By the way for this program AKB48 presented opening act, performing their live-band number Give Me Five! They also performed Heavy Rotation, which caused severe fans reactions. “Huh? I thought Heavy Rotation was a up-beat song!?!?” “Where is the rhythm???” “Man, what’s up on Trumpets ???” “I can’t any of guitar sound…”

Opening MC of this show also revealed Esumi (actress) don’t recognize all the members AKB except Mariko Shinoda. When asked by Nakai-kun that even though she doesn’t know nothing about AKB, she must know Acchan, she looked thinking hard and managed to answer “! Maeda-san!”
I’m surprised even Nakai-kun didn’t firmly remember Paruru’s name!!! Deliberately or not he mistakenly called wrong name twice. “Shimada-san?” “Shibazaki-san?” “Shibazuke-san?”