Mariko Plays Anny Walker For TV Commercial of Covert Affair

  April 18, 2012

Mariko Shionoda, who are currently serving as a PR face for American Drama Series Cover Affair will appear in TV Ads for the DVD of the series, which starts airing 18th Apr.

In the commercial Mariko as CIA investigator plays a stunt, in which she fights with big mafia guys, and in the last she gives him a Judo-like throw. What may exciting viewers is her super cool face expression, which she keeps throughout the commercial.

Mariko Shinoda aka Mariko-sama has a enormous popularity among young girls for her great taste of fashion and her Anego (elder sister) character, which makes her the best PR for the DVD, starring the female spy Anny Walker.

Source Sanspo, TVgroove(photos)

So, she will show us a face totally different from this commercial….?