Mariko Reacted To AkiP’s “Super Senior” Comment

  April 7, 2012

After the AkiP’s comment in this morning, Mariko Shinoda (篠田麻里子) declared she won’t graduate AKB48 “school” this year.


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秋元校長ーー( *`ω´) 今年も留年志願しまーす(((∈( *`ω´) ∋)))

Principle Akimoto~ I apply to postpone my graduation again this year~~~.

Last month after Acchan revealed her graduation from the group, Mariko told that she will be a member of AKB48 as long as her body allows her to perform. With this comment, she confirmed she won’t leave the group at least for next 9 months.

Right after this post…

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I was just gonna take a nap, then I found this scene!! Atsuko is already sleeping lol

盗撮した(:D)| ̄|_ =3 ブッ
Boom! Paparazzi! lol
Ysterday in Fukuoka for nationwide tour, today in Tokyo for shake-hand event for 25th singl, to go through tough schedule, they really need to take a nap whenever it’s possible, but look out! there’s always Paparazzi around you! But but Acchan is like “Who cares!”… lol she is taking a nap like a boss!
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