Japanese TV show “Akko ni Omakase” analysed how long each members appeared in the MV of Manatsu no Sound Good!

In about 7 minutes long MV, top-5 members of the longest appearance are,

1st Mayuyu 2:18
2nd Acchan 2:09
3rd Yuko 1:07
4th Tomochin0: 51
5th Mariko 0:23

After watched the MV again, I found 1 minutes difference between 2nd to 3rd is mostly for AtsuMayu’s solo part (“Hell” part). And as for Yuko, though her appearance was short, she was standing out for her pretty nice dance move.
In two channel’ Mayuyu fans thread, there is a big slogan for the election.
“Don’t lower the ranking.
Then go beyond Mariko-sama, whom she has been losing for 3 straight years,
Then go beyond her mom (Yukirin), and become the leader of team B in the name and in the reality,
 Finally go beyond Oshiriko (Yuko), who might join the election for the last time.”

Two thing sure is Yukirin-Oshi fans are pretty welcoming this exceptional promotion of Mayuyu since Yukirin herself is trying to support Mayuyu as if she were her daughter, and Acchan-Oshi is also becoming admitting Mayuyu was endorsed by Acchan, since this two gilrs showed pretty good chemistry in the video.

But among thousands of comments, the most impressive comment for me was,
“Wow Ramilez got a No.1!?”

Don’t get this joke? 2 years ago, one Mayuyu fan asked former Yomiuri Giants Pro-baseball player, “People say you look like Mayuyu, How do you think?” via twitter. Then Ramilez replied to the fan honto ni? Oh nituru niteru. (Really? Oh Yeah Yeah she does.)” This news goes a little viral back then.

Alex Ramilez
Fan Made Collage

Even Mayuyu-Oshi fans admitted this resemblance and they used to call themselves “Ramilez-Oshi


By the way years ago was the time she stole everyone’s attention by her divinely cute appearance in MV of Ponichu, 

Not only Mayuyu but everyone is cute in this MV, and with this song they started the historical break through into the Asian music scene.