Mayuyu’s Choreo Is Not A Mistake! Director Answered

  April 24, 2012
After the release of MV for Manatsu no Soounds Good!, all eyes are on Mayuyu and people found there’s something strange in Mayuyu’s choreo. Above image is the scene people are talking about. While everyone raised their left hands, only Mayuyu raised her right hand.
This made one fan directly asked the director of the MV, Mr.Higuchi.
fan “Only Watanabe Mayu-san’s pose is opposite to the rest members. Could you tell me whether this is intentional?”
Mr.Higuchi “I checked materials around and videos from practice scene, but there’s only one take for this scene. I was directing the filming with Warner, who is in charge of Choreo, and we gave our Okay for the first take!” <- he is so kindly answering to fans' sudden questions not only this but so many others. He himself became huge fan of AKB after the filming of MV. Fans' manner is also very polite since they are so happy Mayuyu was chosen for center position. Overall this is the happiest conversation.
News reporter in this show got so excited to talk how Mayuyu succeeded the center position from Acchan!!
Mayuyu fans are also worrying about her health since last week she fell in ill and was absent from shake-hand event for one day. Some fans proposed for her next photobook, management had better to give her one month holiday-photoshooting in France.
Then another fans reacted to this and said “OMG I am an Italian-Japanese translator… I curse my life!! Why I didn’t choose French!!” lol
Others commented to him “I don’t know what to say, but I present you this word. ‘Chance will come to you as long as you never give up.'” lol lol
As always Mayu x Yukirin are so cute (in the last scene of below video)
As you know Mayuyu is always honest, sometimes too honest that make fans worried. In the middle of panic because of being surprised and impressed by warm celebration from members and fans, she said,
I’m sorry. I’m sorry (suimasen, suimasen)
I don’t know why but I get a bit nervous.. uhmmm
But I thought it’s better to tell what I feel at the moment rather than prepare things in advance because it may be soulless… So I am trying to speak what I feel right now and found I’m too nervous to speak anything, so I got panicked
Fans’ worry is that in last election she got nervous just like this and couldn’t make an effective appeal to fans. Also, maybe because she has an trauma in social networking service, she doesn’t use G+ or blog very often, which makes fans worry that she may not able to go beyond Yukirin, who got 10,000 comments in one day on her blog. Fans comments included follwings,
Everyone knows she is not good at conversation if they met her in shake-hand event.
Mayuyu herself said she is not talkative and said she wants to say sorry if people feel embarrassed during the conversation.
She wrote similar things in her blog! I don’t care Mayuyu\(^o^)/
She may be scared to ruin the mood.
Look at Mariko-sama. She is also very bad at reading the situation but never hesitate to throw her words, and people like her bold attitude.
I want Mayuyu to be like Takamina!
Conversation is a combination of personality and experience.
If she can talk like Yuko, then we can watch her in TV show without any worry.
Since she used to be a withdrawal, it’s cruel to expect her to be like Yuko.
I like how she tries to express her honest feeling in her own words, not using familiar cliche.
I also believe she can do fine in TV.
Acchan is also not particularly good at conversation, so shouldn’t we worry so much about this?
Of course I understand it’s nothing wrong to be able to talk like Oshiriko-san (Yuko-san)
To wrap up present situation,
to general viewers, she looks just being bad at talking.
The only thing makes salvage us is that she herself realizes that she is not good at talking and try to improve it.
She is getting surprisingly better. She used to be like a small puppy, trembling in public.
“I thought it was Venus, but then I found it. It was Angel….”