Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48, AKB48) To Give Her First Solo Song for the Coupling for NMB’s New Single

  April 12, 2012

Following the limited-period join to AKB48, Miyuki Watanabe of NMB48 got the 2nd dig leap for her career. It’s revealed that a coupling song for the coming NMBs new single “Nagi-Ichi” is going to be her first solo song titled “Waruky~”.

Waru in Japanese means evil or bad (悪), and this title Waruky shares a sound with her nickname Milky.

According to Sanspo’s article “NMB Miyuki Watanabe, First Solo Number, Best Fit for her Personality”,

It’s announced Miyuki Watanabe, the member of Osaka-based group NMB48 performs the coupling song “Warukky” for NMB’s next single “Nagi-Ichi”. The implicitly title indicates her Real character commonly described as 小悪魔 (little cute demon). About one month before the release of the single, Watanabe told Sanspo “This song is best fit for me.”

As she starts to be actively join the act as a member of team B of AKB48, she also expressed her determination for the next step forward “I try my best so that I can go as far as possible in the next general election”

NMB “Nagi-Ichi” will go on sale 9th Mar, and AKB 4th next general election (AKB48 27th single general election) will be held on 6th June