Movie Director Talks About How He Loves Sashiko’s Ota-Chara

  April 17, 2012

“The Mirror of Muse”, the drama series, which Rino Sashihara plays(指原莉乃) a starring role, will be adapted to Movie, and will be released this summer.

The director of the movie , Yuichi Fukuda clearly stated that what’s good about her is “being Dame and having no ambition”. Dame of course means pathetic, which is usually a negative word to describe a person, but in Sashiko’s case, this word describes her unique personality which gives her special shine among stars of AKB48.

Director Fukuda further went to say “For whatever reason, I really love Dame people. When I saw her in ‘Sashiko No Kuseni'(on TBS), I was thinking how Dame girl she is lol, and when I heard she will star this Drama I direct, I was so thrilled like ‘I was presented such a Dame girl!? Hoooolay!'”

Acting skill of Sashiko is considered crappy by the director, but she even boasted that she doesn’t even know the basics of acting. She is trying to decorate the movie with her peculiar (and wonderful) qorld views, commonly called “Sashihara Quality”.

Her lack of ambition can be seen in the filming process, too.

“She never improves her acting skill as an actress. I understand that is because she is completely lacking the ambition. Sure, she is trying her best, but she never try to make people laugh, or do it better. But when you see her through TV screen, these usually negative factors transform into be pretty interesting description. I  want her to be herself, you know, No Ambition.” Fukuda said.

During the filming, in Director Fukuda’s eyes, she sometimes looked totally unconscious of the camera when she didn’t have phrase in the cut. Fukuda described her face in those scenes, “Her face looked like that of a middle aged man who are watching baseball game on TV at home. At that point I had to tell her ‘You are now being filmed!!'”
It well known fact that Sashiko has no hesitation to talk about how Dame she is. She is publicly boasting “As you may know, I think, I’m soooooo bad at acting.” (and those remarks always delight her fans) With this movie adaption of the Drama, her Dameness will be enhanced to movie screen scale and probably draw movie-size laughter from audience.

Source Sponichi

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