New Commercial of Acchan for Ochazuke company Marumiya, feat. Her New Song

  April 3, 2012

Atuko Maeda’s new commercial for Marumiya company has started airing 1st Apr.

In this commercial for Marumiya, A company produces Furikake, Atsuko Maeda first showed herself is in Pajama to public. This commercial comes after the last one “Ochazuke with family” and she plays the same role of university student. In CM, she eats Ochazuke in Pajama seemingly early in the morning. She said in her private life, she starts breakfast in 5 minutes or 1 minute after waking up.

Asked about what she wants to start this year (Japan starts a year from April), “I want to take a walk because it’s getting warm. I’m also thinking to buy a bicycle for cycling.” she answered.

The commercial also features a song from Acchan’s new single “Yasashii Kimochi” (Kind heart)