New Single of 渡り廊下走り隊7, Pre-Released on iTunes

  April 11, 2012

Coming 10th Single of 渡り廊下走り隊7, “少年よ 嘘をつけ! (Boyz Tell A Lie!)” started pre-release on iTunes. This song is a ending song of Anime “Shin-chan”, as well as used for the main theme song of Movie “Shin-chan”. The length and arrangement of the song is different for each, thus there are two versions on iTunes.

渡り廊下走り隊7 is a spin-off unit from AKB48, comprises of 6 of it’s members.
Mayu Watanabe (渡辺麻友)・Aika Tada (多田愛佳)・Haruka Nakagawa (仲川遥香)・Ayaka Kikuchi (菊地あやか)・Mika Komori (小森美果)・Misaki Iwasa (岩佐美咲)
The group debuted Jan 2009, and so far all all of their 10 singles ranked top-10 of cweekly chart.

渡り廊下 means sky bridge or connecting bridge of the building, often used for one for school.  走り隊 is a plank and has a two meaning . One is “Wanna Run!” and the other is “Wanna Run Team!”. 隊 is used to describe a military group,but also used figuratively (for example, for power rangers, Japanese use 隊 ).
The former SDN48, Kazumi Urano (Cindy 浦野一美) is a tentative member of the group since this Mar.
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