NMB48 Made First Performance Appearance Of Their Coming Single ‘Nagi-Ichi’!!!

  April 25, 2012

NMB48 made their first performance of their coming new single “Nagi-Ichi” on Kansai TV show “Dokking48”, the TV show in which Yohimoto agency’s comedians help NMB48 learn the latest and basics of entertainment industry and become the top-idols

Fans reacted with comments like followings, “Milky and Sayaka is two-top for Nagi-Ichi? (<- definitely)" "My Akarin (Akari Yoshida) is nest to Joe, Okay" "I laughed so hard in surfboard part, since it looked so heavy. Who are being carried?" "Maybe Sayaka, Milky, Joe and Nana (Nana Yamada)" "It looks like now Mikly completely stuck up to Sayaka." "I don't think so. In 3-top scene with Nana, Sayaka is in center, that means top-position of NMB is still for Sayaka, but I think it's better to feature 2-top for marketing reason." "It's like in NMB, Sayaka is prior to Milky and in AKB, Milky is prior to Sayaka??" "It's much better than Flying Get, even though the same composer made both." "I like this clean costume."