Nogizaka Performed Censored Version of ‘Oideyo Shampoo’

  April 20, 2012
Quick updates for Nogizaka46 fans.
Taiwan’s top smartphone maker HTC held a press conference for it’s new lineups and welcomed their new face Nogizaka46, the official rival of AKB48. Nogizaka46 performed thier coming new single “Oideyo Shampoo”, which attracted nationwide attention for some reasons, at the event.
This is their first performance since their choreo has changed after AkiP ordered Sony music production team to change skirt-flip part after their first performance of the song on 8th this month on TV program “Nogizaka tte doko?”
For this performance, Nogizaka skipped the criticized portion of the song, making us wait a little more to see the new choreo for the part. Tentative captain of the group, Reika Sakurai said “New choreo is very Kawaii, though our previous choreo was cute too. Please looking forward to our refreshed performance.”
Source Nikkan
The commercial, filmed in NY, will start airing 2th May. The day before this event (19th), Nogizaka also announced thier member Ikoma to release solo number for the coupling to “Oideyo Shampoo”. 
HTC Japan’s nwe commercial features Nogizaka46… filmed in NY. Theme song for the Ad is “Oideyo Shampoo”. HTC’s manly image may drastically change with this….. lol 

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