Paruru ‘Don’t Call Me Ponkotsu!!’

  April 25, 2012

After team solo 4’s concert… (you can find Renacchi, Juri, and Paruru in below photo)

Cake and Pudding… Uhmmmmmmm yummy… happy moment…

Good job everyone!
Uhmm Shimazaki is doing as usual…

Fans’ comments reacted to this, included “How come she can put so many cream on her hands lol” “Paruru it’s dirty Paruru <3" "Ponkotsu is eating Ponkotsu way." *Paruru’s another nickname describing her clumsiness i.e. accidentary delete G+ post, shocking taste of fasion, etc. Paruru:
Don’t call me Ponkotsu, everyone!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ笑?


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