Sae Became Adult Beauty? Upset Yuki-Oshi fans

  April 18, 2012

Sae Miyazawa has enjoyed huge popularity among lady’s fans, well, she used to. According to serious Yuki-Oshi fans, Sae’s hair style, curly hair, makes her look older and unsexy. But even for those fierce Yuki-Oshi fans, yesterday’s Sae at press conference for cooling product “Pitatto cool” was undeniable.

What these photos, 2ch military collected from secret source!?, eloquently speak is that she has a combination of Kawaii and Kireai (cute and sexy) in her early 20’s. Since it looks like there’s no flaw in her beauty some turned their sword to Sayaka, said “Because of a nice lighting, even Okaro looks cute!” or “I’ve actually knew her beauty for a while, but I don’t like her always with Okaro.”

Since the break of AKB48, the group is always exposed enormous media attention, and several months ago some gossip paper reported she along with other AKB48 members were having all-night party with dudes from Japan’s behemoth Ads agency Dentsu. It said girls were approaching to Dentsu guys, begging for the opportunity of TV Ads.

After the report, one Sae fan’s blog was closed with the farewell message, reads “Though I like Sae, or because I like her, I want to judge the Scan-dale photo without prejudice from a third party’s perspective.
As a Sae fan, it’s really shocking and disappointing, but this show clearly she is approaching to Dentsu guys by putting her body close to them. I could’t find out she had such a personality. I can no longer continue to be a fan of her after seeing this photo…”, which for me it too sensitive reaction. It’s no surprise in the show-biz world.

Anyway it’s her handsome personality and willingness to take crazy roles which people want to avoid, but as she’s getting cuter, will there be more Sae thread on 2ch, which now seem to have never filled out 999 comments limit?