Sae Gets Better, Revealed Her Cute Girly New Look!

  April 20, 2012

Sae Miayzawa, who had been in medical leave due to ill health reported her recovery on her blog on 18th Apr, uploading a photo of herself posing a piece sign with her teammate Yui Yokoyama.

Thank you so much for so many kind commentsρ(・・、)

And… I’m so sorry for causing worry….

I’m getting so much better, and I could get back smily face (・o・) 

Yesterday, While I was at the fimling for new Tuesday テレビ program, Nakai-san and Esami-san and other Co-stars gave me a lot of cheering laughにひひ!! 

Laughing a lot cures a cold, dones’t it?ニコニコキラキラ

I want to a person who can make a lot peope smile like them~~~ 馬あせる

It’s such a beautiful Spring day here in Tokyo桜

I go outside as possible as I can so that I can feel my favorite Spring day with whole my bodyニコニコ

I recommend you to do this for refreshing mind!音符

Okay I’m ready!Keep it up and have a nice day!アップ(*^.^*)グーDASH!DASH!
Earlier this week it’s announced Sae was absent from the show few hours before the curtain raising. Right after the show ended, Sae wrote her apology to fans on her blog, promising early recovery. Well, she was loyal to her word. She made her comeback just 2 days after. It’s reported her sickness was due to having a cold.
In her blogpost, she suggested it would take more to be fully recovered, though she is trying her best to refresh herself. In another blogpost on the same day, she reported she went a hair cut after a long time (along with Sayaka lol). On 19th she revealed her new hair with hair extension, putting a picture in which captured her usual cute smile.

At a closing of this post, she throw a funny Quiz to fans “オカロとイナエシエ <- can you read this code?"
Sae in Chinese character (Kanji) writes 佐江, and if you look at this carefully… yes it means イナエシエ. We often make Kanji out of Katakana especially in email or online chat.
Coincidentally today, Nikkan featured Sae in it’s general election special coverage, and it was a heart-touching interview. Everyone loves handsome Sae-chan, but she generously showed us her super cute looks in her hair style with Okaro(Sayaka). Who can deny her cuteness?? (Yes, no one.)

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