The President of AKS Told Mr.Horie ‘Once We Hold Tokyo Dome Concert It’s All Over’

  April 18, 2012
Me.Horie, a former president of Livedoor co. is currently in prison due to Financial Statement Fraud, raised an interesting insider topic about AKB48. In the Opinion section for this week’s newsletter, he picked Acchan‘s graduation as a main topic, which is not surprising, but he also showed a little concern about AKB’s upcoming Tokyo dome concert. He’s wondered why AKB48 won’t do big dome concert since the group’s rapid rise to stardom, which made him ask the reason to the president of AKS. A little before his imprisonment, he had a chance to talk to the president and asked about why. His answer was surprising.
“Why? Because once we did Big Dome Concrt, it’s all over.”
Mr.Horie, who also has keen knack of business was convinced with his answer. There are no bigger venue than 4 big Domes in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka), and this way of thinking is common in the industry. Me. Horie wrote “I realized from the forming of AKB, Tokyo Dome Concert has been a sacred goal.”, while raised his concern that AKB who has been pulverizing all K-pop blah, re-established J-pop, and became a behemoth in World’s music scene at unprecedented speed “will finally pass the peak and decline?”

Source News PostSeven
About 2 years before, when AKB just started making main-stream media appearance, Horie joined the panel with 2ch’s owner Hiroyuki. In response to Hiroyuki’s remark “When you meet AKB in person, you will be stunned! They look completely different from photographs! It’s so gross!”, Horie said “They are not…” in very vague tone. His stance on AKB is yet clear but being surrounded all the bets that AKB would make their way bigger, the group attained everything in these 2 years.
It’s not clear what AKB will see after Dome Concert, but the group already came to the point that no one can ignore, including Mr.Horie.

Mr.Horie, once enjoyed the 2nd most twitter followers in Japan, now ranked No.8 after Son (President of Softbank), Ariyoshi (Comedian), Mariko, Mariko Yositaka (Hottest Actress).

Do you think AKB’s story will continue after Tokyo Concert? or The group will enter into decline curve after the biggest stage in Japan? Sound off in comments 🙂