There’s Not Much Anti Sashiko Sentiment Among Momo-Clo Fans But AKB Fans Themselves?

  April 27, 2012
If Momo-Clo is power-ranger type of idol group, then Sashiko is sexy phantom thief
Unlike our first impression, Momo-Clo fans are expressing pretty positive reception for Sashiko’s involvement in Momo-Clo.

Sashiko Just Trying Her Best To Seize The Win

We initially saw many fans’ comments stating that Shahiko side is trying to let fans of other idol groups spend their money on Sashiko’s new single since if those fans want to see their favorite idols in Budo-Kan, they have to buy her single in order to get a good seat. But it turned out Momo-Clo fans have different perspectives.
1:06 Sashiko “Yattteyaruyoー!!”

When Oveture(Momo-Clo’s opening theme) started playing in back, most of people had no idea what’s goin on, then Sashihara showed up on the stage. 
Momo-Clo members started comedy on the comparison between Sashiko and two members of Momo-Clo.
Sashiko, keeping her low profile, said “Please continue this kind of talk in dressing room.” 
Purple said “If you want us in Yubi-Matsuri, then sing one song with your full energy!!” 
Peach “Can you dare to do it?” 
Sashiko then shouted “Yatteyaruyoーー!”, but her performance was obviously lip-syncing. 
After sang a title song for her single, Sashiko asked again “Could you join our Yubi-Matsuri?” 
Red “How can we reject you when we were asked to this degree.” 
Red “Everyone!! Will you come with us? Let’s show them Momo-Clo power!!”
At last, Red suddenly made a mysterious remark, said “It’s not that we are dancing in hands of those adults, but it’s us who makes this Yubi-Matsuri exciting one!!!”
I introduce several comments from fan thread for Momo-Clo.

“I’m satisfied with being a subordinate of AKB if they give Momo-Clo a favorable treatment.

I just want to see Japanese idols team up to this movement bigger.”

“We’ve misunderstood Mr.Akimoto…
I will root for Sashiko and AKB from now.”
“If you look carefully you’ll find Sashiko is actually cute.”
“Sashiko is getting too much distress..”
“She will be the next member to be admitted into hospital?”
“I heard Sashiko fans are surprised that it’s amazing that Momo-Clo will join the Yubi-Matusri
but, it may make to get a ticket even moer difficult….”
“Is Sashihara Kami-blah??”
“Nope. But she will be in the next election.”
“Maybe Akimoto is tempted to Red in Momo-Clo that he want her to be in Kami-7 as a guest, liek Jurina?”
“I think Sashiko will definitely come to our Seibu Dome Concert.”
“I will change my mind if Akimoto will choose Momo-Clo as a referee of R-P-S tournament. “
“The only person who is criticized for this whole thing is Sashiko, isnit?
For us, we have nothing to lose for this but for Sashiko, she got a chunk of haters…”
“If Sashiko are criticized by other AKB fans, then it’s us to protect her from tha bashing. That’s how we Momo-Clo-Ota are all about.”
“She is very humbled and nice person. It’s no brainer that our Momo-Clo members became fans of her.”
“We’ve long been scared that we will some day be smashed completely by AKB,
but if there’s a way to live symbiotically with AKB, I am all for supporting her event!!”
“I understand I shouldn’t be stubborn and just buy her records,
but if I can’t get a ticket, I’m gonna clash the CDs…”