This Pair (Tomomi Tomomi) Must Make Your Face Loosen Up and Smile

  April 22, 2012

Tomo~mi and Tomchin have a firm bond each other. When Chuu was “under”(stand-in), joined team A’s lesson, Tomochin talked to Chuu and became friends.
From that moment they have been bonding together.

They call each other “Tomo”, and call themselves “Tomo”. Kawaii! (If Tomochin is calling Tomo~mi, “Chuu” , I’ll lose all hope in humanity.. lol)

Since there names are Tomo & Tomo = TomoTomo, their fans are anticipating when they sing “TemoDemo no Namida”, the duet song of Yukirin and Mika Saeki(former team B member), together. Fans named this yet-realized version of the song “TomoTomo no Namida.”
The story of “TemoDemo no Namida”