Tomochin Held Mini-Live Concert At Yoyogi Park, Caused Little Controversy

  April 26, 2012

Itano Tomomi of AKB48 is now under fire from Netizens attack. On 25th Apr, she held a free mini-live concert at open-air stage in Yoyogi park to commemorate the release of her 3rd solo single “zyuunengo no kimihe. Despite slight rain, she energetically sang 4 numbers from tehe single including lose-lose, the song she wrote the lyric for commercially released song for the first time. Tomochin, who allegedly said to be one of the ideal role model in AKB48, greeted to fans, said “Thank you so much for coming here in cold and rain.” She then presented high-touch to fans gathered there, an additional heart-full gift to them.

Source Nikkan

Tomichin again refined her already beautiful appearance

According to Daily sports, before the mini-live she was touring around record shops in Shibuya. Record label also launched Truck Ads rounding around Shibuya area. There’re 4,000 people at her concert.

Some douche-bag Japanese Tomochin-haters argued that this number is a total lie and uploaded photos. Below are photos someone took 10 minute before the show started.
As I already wrote, mini-live itself is open to everyone, while High-touch events are exclusive for those who bought either Type-A, type-B or NE of the single.
According to him, even several minutes before the show, it looked like only about 100 people were around the stage.
Then, finally show started and it looked like this.
But as she started performance, passers by started gathering near the stage.
For the comparison, this is what it looks like when there’re 5,000 audience.
From different angle… 
The live of Momo-Kuro at Nico-Hachi live, which gathered 380 audience.

Avex’s new comer, SUPER☆GiRLS also reportedly gathered 4,000 audience at the same venue.

Conclusion: It’s 400. They just mistakenly wrote the additional 0.

Tomochin…. I feel bad for you.. for being bashed by haters for someone else’s fault…  But of course our reliable media JiJi uploaded great footage from the scene.