Upcoming Disney/Pixar Animation Brave, Starring Yuko, Will Be The First Triple Feature Movies From The Companies

  April 28, 2012
Disney and Pixar presents movie, Merida, in which Yuko Oshima from AKB48 plays a voice for main character of the film, Princess Merida will be coupled with two otter films from Disney/Pixar, making this the first triple feature movies of the tag team. The other two movie titles are Academy award nominated Animation La Luna, a short Animation, and a short film from Toy Story series, Small Fry.

The director for La Luna, Enrico Casaros has joined the creation of Carz and Up, and this is the first movie he served as a director, which was nominated for Academy Award for Animated Short Film.
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Enrico is a huge fan of renowned Animation creator Hayao Miyazaki, and for this animation he tried hand-drawing of all storyboards by himself, which Hayao Miyazaki does for his movie creation. He said “Because I head Mr.Miyazaki draw the storyboards for Ponyo in watercolor, I tried the same for this film. lol People said to me it will take too much time or it’s just crazy move… and I realized this was by far tougher than I expected. lol”, revealed this film was created in different approach from other Pixar movies. He said one of the most important film for his is “Kurenai no Buta” made by Ghibli.
Merida will hit the theatre screens on 21th July this summer.

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