What do you think about “Manatsu No Sounds Good” ‘s PV?

  April 21, 2012

Tune is nice, but I don’t get what they are trying to tell in the video.

First time to read about “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”? You probably had better check these 2 articles before reading this. (But here are videos! Don’t miss it!!!)
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Fans already expressed their thought on Music Video of AKB’s new single “Manatsuno Sound Good!”. Surprisingly, almost everyone, unanimously said this musiv video is a total fail… while song itself as good as AKB’s previous two May singles.

First, there is no (easily understandable) story. Why “Heaven” and “Hell” can be a concept for this bright summer tune???

If you don’t try hard to read a line, this video just looks like… AKB was annihilated by some super evil power…. and confusingly “Semeru monotachi” not only died for nothing but aggressively sent “Mamoru monotachi” to the heaven (by trying to save them)…

This is bit of a puzzle. Maybe it’s to fast to make a conclusion, but right now, if I put 3 May singles in my favorite order… it’s gonna look like this.

Ponisyu > Evikachu > Manatsuno

But…. maybe or most probably it’s gonna change since every music can transform it’s image as listening to it again and again. Gradually accepting this unusual visual for AKB, and it’s becoming one of our classic memories… When we look back AKB’s history several years later, this video would have more significant, symbolic meaning?

Though I don’t get this drastic contrast of “Heaven” and “Hell”, there are several scenes I love from the film.
I love the scene Tomochin cries when she realized Mariko is dead…. It hurts but resonates… and Yukurin’s serious face… made my heart hurt even though I don’t understand why they were in a such dire situation.

By the way, the reason fans sent critical opinions is not just because the story is hardly making sense, but they can’t get Yuko enough in this video.・That said this is a Kami-Kyoku for Mayuyu-Oshi folks… lol
I smiled like a crazy at 2:38~ when Walky and Jurina, welcomed Mayuyu to “Heaven” and start dancing together!!

As always please share your thoughts or your favorite scene from the Music Video in comments!!

AKB48-真夏のSounds good ! MV Manatsu no Sounds… 投稿者 rokuorokuo

Maybe it’s not only me but there must be many who were having smile when Kojiharu and Mariko, Tomochin and Yukirin danced together, holding hands each other.

According to HotDogPress, all 36 memebrs are divided into 2 groups, one is “Semeru mono”, which 8 of it’s members are on Type-A’s cover, the other is “Mamoru mono”, 8 of it’s members are on Type-B’s cover.

The concept of the video is “Hell(second half) and Heaven(latter half)”, which 18 members of “Seme Senbatsu” are trying to save 18 members of “Mamori Senbatsu”. “What they will see beyond the battle?”

Since the director of the video is well known for his VFX effects and apocalyptic story-making, this is by far, or way too far fantastic music video, which we’ve never seen before in AKB’s videos.

In music news program on TV, backstory of the MV filming was revealed.
Dance part:
・Filmling of dance part spent whole day(about 12 hours) in the island of Guam (same location as Ponychu). Because sun shines so strong, they’d been holding beach umbrella when camera was off. Everybody was pleased when cold drinks were delivered to stave off their fatigue.
・the last scene of dance part, members are in heart-shape formation, their hands is making “good” pose.
Drama part:
・Teared off “Cachucha”‘s costumes are actual costumes they wore for “Cachucha”‘s MV.
・For the scene members were hit by heavy rain, they used  a huge hose to flood a large amount of water. Because water came into members ears and eyes, and they were ordered not to move, members said it was like “drowning”.
・Because Rain scene was making their body cold, they set a campfire to warm their cooled body.
・Aki Takajo was pleased when she heard there’s a scene lying on the ground, gladly saying “Can we sleep on the ground~~?”
・For the practice of artificial reparation scene Milky begged Yukirin to practice each other, which made Movie director Higuchi Milky-Oshi
・Because dancing on the beach scene was scheduled to film in later part of the schedule, Yuko was champing to swim in the sea whole time, and sometimes couldn’t hep but running toward in the direction of sea.

My Guess
・Piano song in the ending is played by Sakiko Matsui????
・Jurina disappeared during the dance, it looks like she already was in bad shape??

Comparison chart of Mamori x Seme
Cover girls
Kojiharu×Annin <- this pair makes so much sense to me Media Senbatsu
Sashiko ×Suzuran Yamauchi
Aki Takajo × Haruka Kodama
Rena(SKE)×Kanon Kimoto(SKE)
Aya Yamamoto(NMB)×Joe(NMB)

Other Senbatsu
Yui Yokoyama×Haruka Shimada
Minegishi×Rina Kawaei
Akane Takayanagi(SKE)×Yuria Kisaki(SKE)
Sae Miyazawa×Miyu Takeushi
Rie Kitahara×Juri Takahashi
Mocchi×Maria Abe