What’s the Members Favorite Flavor? Cupnoodle x AKB48

  April 13, 2012

As we reported earlier, Nisshin starts new commercial series this Saturday 14th Apr, in which they features 5 members of AKB48.

Cupnoodle Facebook

We alrady can watch teasers of total 5 versions of the commercial, and I found something interesting while I was watching them. See the package of Cupnoodles they are eating in the commercial. All having different types of Cupnoodles!!

So I searched it in enormous information source “Yahoo Japan”, and found out that each member picked their favorite flavor of Cupnoodle. Think about it, the theme of the commercial series is “Real”. That’s it, they try to depict the real of the members to that details!!!

Actually, these 5 versions of commercials are only the first launch of this commercial series. Nisshin will feature more of AKB members in their next launch of this commercial series in the future.

The important note is that one of the commercial, which features Atsuko Maeda is filmed while she was in Hong Kong last month right after the announcement of her graduation at Saitama. In the commercial Acchan confessed her thought on graduation. “Especially in this one month, I’d bee only thinking about it… I thought ‘could I really dare to speak it to fans?’ or ‘Should I?’….” and added that it helped her remove the heavy pressure from her “I still have a complicated feeling on this. I just can’t figure it out yet… but it made my mind so clear, and I’m feeling fine now.”

It was filmed in the LRT on Hong Kong’s dazzling streets.

Takamina(高橋みなみ) version is recorded in the recording studio, while Sashiko(指原) version is maybe filed in her home, and Haruka Shimazaki’s (島崎遥香) is in photoshooting for gravure. Karen Iwata’s take (岩田 華怜) was done in the backstage at Saitama SA concert last month.

Also, it’s announced Nisshin will upload full-version of the commercials on their facebook and G+ 16th Apr, as well as on the official “Real” campaign website.

So, what flavor of Cupnoodle each member eats in the commercial?

Let’s take a look at Takamina, who are holding a super-size Curry flavor Cupnoodle.
Actually it’s matching her personality of passion and leadership!!! She just turned 21 y/o.

Sashihara-Quality eats Chili-Tomato flavoer. Well describing her unique character lol She talks about her friends who moved to Tokyo from Oita, the rural prefecture in Kyusyu region, at about same period as her. She is now 19 y/o.

Paruru, who has a huge fan base for her cute personality and angel-like looks, eats Seafood flavor, which made a little sensation among Japanese fans who automatically assumed that she likes Salt flavor lol
She says she wants to smile even when time gets tough.
Karen Iwata, who was promoted to team 4 at the tender age of 13, eats standard flavor of Cupnoodle, talking about her thoughts on AKB48.

Finally take a look at Acchan. She same as Karen eats standard flavor Cupnoodle in LRT in Hong Kong. I can’t help thinking Atsuko Maeda and Cupnoodle in Hong Kong is a perfect combination to draw the crave from Japanese audience. And actually, I’m already sold. South East Asia always makes me hungry, and I just wish I could take a short and cheapt flight to there like I could in Japan from U.S….

Source Sponichi, Natalie

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