AKB Dominates Top 4 In The Ranking of ‘Songs Made The Most Profit From Copyright Fee’

  May 23, 2012

JASRAC (Japan artists and songwriters association about copyrights) announced the ranking of songs which have made the most profit from copyright fee, such as for Karaoke or records, in last year.

Top4 songs of the ranking are dominated by Japan’s mega idol group AKB48. According to JASRAC, it’s the first time in the history that all top4 songs are from one music act.

5 of AKB48‘s song rank in top10, including Heave Rotation placed 1st, Ponytail to Chuchu at 2nd, Beginner at 3rd, Everyday Cachucha placed 4th and Aitakatta placed 6th.

The song placed 5th is Arigatou by Ikimonogakari, the only non-AKB48 song in top-5.

Source Sankei