AKB G+ PickUp: Sashiko’s G+ Challenge-Related News

  May 5, 2012

Today’s G+ PickUp!

1.Sashiko’s first comments reached 500 comments in 34 seconds
2. Hilary uploaded cheering up gif Anime Sashiko
3. Hilary Commented to Sashiko’s Mr.Mets Photo
4. Contact List of SayaNee
5. Scary Sprit Komariko

Sashiko’s first comments reached 500 comments in 34 seconds

Sashiko G+ (指原莉乃)

“I’ll start 300 updates challenge.
I may cause tremendous trouble to you, but I’ll do my best! Because I have no choice but do it!! nnn”

-> Maximum 500 comments gathered in 34 seconds to this (memorial?) post, making most of fans who were waiting for 6PM to make a comment for her first comment couldn’t do it.

Fans reacted comments can be represented by this one, “It’s too fast… is it a stress test??

Sashiko’s Clunky Wink

Sashiko G+

“This is that clunky wink which we rumored for some time. Note:I’m dressed.”

Fans comments include “She looks like a housewife who got domestic violence from her husband…” “Sashiko!! You shouldn’t upload this!!” “I don’t know why but I feel a sense of wrongness from this one….”

Hilary uploaded cheering up gif image for Sashiko

Hilary (平田梨奈) G+

“Hilary is here. I’m all supporting for Sashihara-san’s 300 updates challenge!\(^o^)/
Comments form soon filled up, but I am trying to make a comment for her!

Do I like Sashihara-san too much?

From Sashihara-san’s Hilary”

This DQ parody gif brought a pleased fans reactions include comments like “Hilary was version updated!!! She got accelerated!!” “”Maybe here?” “I understand now DQ is trending in her.” “Maybe it’s a first gif animation she uploaded? Man, she is only 13 y/o!!” “What the real figure of this girl, Hilary??? Is she really KKS of AKB??? (<- maybe she is a super Saiyan)"

Hilary Commented to Sashiko’s Mr.Mets Photo

Sashiko G+ 21:41
“I got email from Kashiwagi-chan. I thought she attached a weird photo, but then I found Kashiwagi-family!! So many Kashiwagi-chan!!!”

Hilary G+ 21:41 (comment on this)

“Baseball Family!!!”

She wrote this in English. She was living in States before she joined AKB, and was neighbor of singer Kylee in Arizona. So she naturally can speak English fine… or I should say she is a little poor at Japanese lol (Her G+ use Hiragana a lot for words usually written in Kanji) Congrats Hilary she finally could make a comment for Sassy!!

Contact List of SayaNee

NMB’s leader SayaNee revealed which AKB members are in her contact list. When she wrote a post writing “I was gonna send yell email to Sashihara-san but I found I don’t have her emal address!!”, fans reacted asking who are in her contact list.

SayaNee (山本彩) G+

“AKB members in my contact list are,

Naana (Nana Fujita)


Who can I get a reply when I send an email?”

She asked Sashiko’s address Yuihan, and successfully sent her a email and got a reply. SayaNee also made a comment on Sashiko’s G+ posts during the challenge.
Fans reactions include “Harugon is such a diplomatist!!” “Don’t send Email Takamina~~~!!!” “LOL She is said to be frustrated by just hearing a email receiving tone.” “I remember Ohya(or other girl) said Takamina reply soon if asked about Revue, and she send cheering up emails to members who are absent from rehearsal due to injury or illness, but I don’t know how she react to other kinds of email….lol” “Yeah I read it in TomoSatsu.” “She even doesn’t reply to AkiP’s email…lol” “What she doesn’t have Acchan’s address??” “Where’s Yuko?” “She doesn’t have contacts of 2 big girls….” “LOL Assan (Acchan) didn’t give SayaNee her address after she touched SayaNee’s Oppai??” “Assan is only interested in Oppai….”
When asked who is her Oshi-Men, Acchan once named SayaNee, but she explained the reason “Because she didn’t resist to me at all when I suddenly touched her Oppai, rather she reacted with smile. I felt her kind personality from this. Of course this is not the only reason, but the biggest reason” (^^;)

Scary Sprit Guide Komariko

“Juri-chan Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii yo!
Your back…. no I said nothing lol

Sashihara-san I’m all for supporting you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Tanotan, Juri and…… Komariko-like creature in their back lol
Fans reacted to this 2-shot photo of Tanotan(田野優花) and Juri (高橋朱里), “Wow I thought this was a photo of idols but I figured this is just a Sripit-Photography….”
Then Komariko (中村麻里子) commented on this saying “Can I star Yukai Daisensou (movie: Monster wars)” lol
This wasn’t the only of Komariko=Yokai proving photo, but Minarun (大場美奈) added one more evident photo for this hypo-theory. 
Minarun G+
“It looks like this one!!

Maruko~~~~~~~!!!” (Maruko= If you say Komariko in quick, then it sounds like Maruko! or Marco!)
Rina Kawaei, Suzuran and Komariko-like something!?

Abemari concluded this mysterious phenomena with this comment.

Abemari “The same person in my post is captured in Minarun’s photo… Was there something in a backroom yesterday???” lol