Atsuko Maeda Plays a Comedienne in MV of Kimiha Bokuda

  May 30, 2012
AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda takes on the role of a comedian in the MV for Kimiha Bokuda, the title track of her upcoming single.
She plays the role of Nabeko, a rookie comedian, and tries Manzai (a style of Japanese comedy usually performed as a duo) and ventriloquism partnered with Tarou Suruga, the son of famous comedian Shofukutei Tsurubeh. It’s said that this comedian duo, named Wondeful, had practiced together in very friendly mood backstage.

The MV is directed by renowned movie director Isshin Inudou, and it was filmed in April. According to a source, when she first read the script, Maeda said, “This is a kind of role that I’ve never tried before, but I want to take on this challenge.” Regarding the character she plays in MV, she stated, “She is similar to me in some sense… (In a sense that Nabeko changes her fashion choices frequently according to the preferences of  the men she meets.)”

Isshin Inudou praised Maeda’s acting, saying “She doesn’t hesitate to act. She has an open mind, and whatever role she plays, she don’t try to bend her true personality.” “She knows that we human can’t always live a life we picture in our mind. Because such her personality, broad-mindedness can be seen in her acting, I think…. she can play wide variety of roles” “I think we drew out an unknown aspect of her as an actress. This time it’s a Comedienne.”