I don’t know why, but I find myself gradually falling in love with Tomochin’s songs….

  May 30, 2012

“I don’t know why, but I find myself gradually falling in love with her songs….”

Dear J, Fuini, Junengo no Kimihe….. I am not a fan of her… yet… I found myself so captivated with her songs…..


Tomochin has sung Dear J for all live concerts of AKB48 after it’s released.
I think it’s because Yasushi gets serious when it comes to Tomochin.

Her parts in Everyday Cachucha are mind-bogglingly addictive…
3:08~「なぜか何も言えなくなるよ (Nazeka Nanimo Ienakunaruyo)」
5:22~「髪を留めた天使の輪ッか~(Kami wo tometa Tenshi no Wakka~)」

Yeah…. she has really unique voice…. It’s really noticeable…

Because J-pop wise her songs can be labelled as good songs.
Though she still has a lot to be desired in terms of her vocal skill, I admit her voice has something touches our heart.

Though her voice doesn’t have great volume, she is always trying to amp up her voice when she sings. And that touches my heart.
If we judge her vocal in terms of pure skill, she is obviously a bad singer, but her voice has it’s own unique charm.
Though….singing in that manner really hurts her throat, so she should avoid live singing as much as possible….

I’m hooked with her song Fuini….
I don’t know why… maybe it’s because I’m too much accustomed to AKB48 songs that the song sounds fresh to me?

Yeah, I like Fuini, too.

Her songs are truly captivating.
Tomochin!! Good luck with you voice training!!

So because she has seriously started Vocal training in professional way, her vocal manner may be changing from now on.

I like Fuini… I somehow feel the song is shining brilliantly….
Tomochin is really favored by composers and a songwriter…..

I like Fuini the most, too….
The song remains in my ears.

Because Dear J was so different from what we’ve listened to from Tomochin in AKB48,
I’d been wondering if I could become liking this song.
But now that the song has become the best popular song of her.. I think this song has a symbolic meaning for her as a solo artist…
If it were not her, this song would not be that impressive.

As the intro of Dear J starts, girls are raising scream-like chants….
There’s no other song which brings that level of emotional reaction.

Dear J wouldn’t be a hit song if it was sung by other singers.
Only Tomochin… if Ayumi Hamazaki sang the same song… it wouldn’t be a hit…
It would be difficult for even Namie Amuro…

Other than title tracks, couplings, such as Tunnel, Clone…. Wanna be now (is only available as ChakuUta) and Ai ni Pierce have also their own unique charm.

Though these songs are not created by Tomochin herself, because she is fortunate enough to sing such amazing songs, I think I’m so lucky that she’s been my Oshi.

I like Fuini, too, but I have been thinking that fans in underground section of 2channel don’t appreciate the song that much…

Personally I think Tunnel is the supreme song of Tomochin

I like Tunnel, too.

I totally agree with the title of this thread.
I’ve just totally fallen in love with her voice…

Recent numbers of AKB48 will get boring after 1-2 weeks if you listen to again and again.
But I found myself that Fuini has been still my heavy rotation number.

The new single, Junen go no Kimihe is too awesome, too…!
I wish they will make Drama adaptation of this song….

It seems like she has a talent in songwriting? (<- this person is trying to say that Tomochin may have been more or less involved in songwriting of her own solo numbers, including Lose-Lose, the song written by herself)

Tomchin’s voice is so smooth, if not professional, so that it makes listeners deeply into the story lyric tells.
Her singing, dancing…. she has mysterious charm which attracts us so much that we can’t help but being attached to her as an artist as well as a person….
There’re tons of people who can’t do the same thing no matter how good they are at singing and dancing.

From ともちんの歌ってなんだか好きなんだが・・・