I’m Too Mush Concerning Sashiko That I Can’t Eat…

  May 3, 2012

Sashiko, the last hope of Japan and the world narrowed the gap but still far behind of Nogizaka46. Maybe it was too early for her, who were not yet super Saiyan, to challenge this 33 girls group? As I was being disappointed but still praying for her win, she uploaded mysterious posts on G+..

Rino Sashihara on G+ 17:58 “Thank you very much to everyone who bought my solo album !! The first day had an unfortunate result !! I even can’t say I’m battling with them!! LOL But really, selling 50 thousand copies? It’s all because of warm supports from you!! I’m so grateful! And I’m still gonna try my best til the very end!! “

Rino Sashihara on G+ 17:59 “And just I’m thinking like this, I am noticed really surprising thing… I lost my motivation to do anything. When it goes to this degree, I can only laugh… Will this be known to everyone? I am full of feeling that I want to apologize to you….”

I guess she was told this loss was deliberately arranged that they restricted the number of record stocks until latter half of this week. But it’s unlikely to give up a huge sales opportunity in  this golden week holiday. Or Momo-Clo declined to join Yubi-Matsuri?? Come on, it’s impossible for record labels to completely betray fans! Anyway I think there’s some trick to restrain Sashiko’s sales figure to be included in current number of ranking, but some arrangement makes additional number will be included at the last day of the week, making Sashiko win Nogizaka in dramatic way. But I don’t think this can be possible.
Maybe Yuko shaved all her hair because Sashiko lost to the battle?
Or maybe because Yuko treated AkiP as Nazi?
Yuko: “So… because this day (AkiP’s birthday) exists, AKB48 exists now …(--)/===卍 “
Reference: Nazi Salute
Haha maybe this would cause problem Europe but here in Japan, only Yuko-Ota find this far-fetched association.
 But the real thing is even though Sashiko is known for her Hetale character, she is not a person to speak negative thought like “I lost my motivation to do anything“. This is different Sashiko from what we are talking about….
In the first post, she is like,
Gokuu: “Everyone please lend me your power!!!!!!!!!!!”
Then one minute later in the second one,
Gokuu “I lost all motivation….”

Who wrote this crazy script!!!!
Update: Avex (Sashiko’s record label) announced “Theatre version of her single is not included in sales figure in Oricon’s ranking” because theatre version contain 5 songs, which exceed oricon’s definition of single that should contain less than 5 songs.
Sales number of theatre version is announced about 12,000, so it’s not affecting the result of this battle.
The reason of Sashiko’s desperate comment is because she felt sorry for fans bought theatre versions to support her to win this battle. On top of that, those who buy theatre version are usually really intensive fans of her (namely real Sashi-Ota) since it comes with shake-hand ticket.
Rino Sashihara on G+ 0:16 “I’m alright(.・v・)ノPlease don’t worry too much about me. I understand Avex staffs did this all to support my single. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s what we call Sashihara-quality, isn’t it?”

I t\don’t think avex didn’t know this which in turn means they deliberately tried to decrease Sashiko’s sales in Oricon ranking… According to Yasusu’s G+, Sashiko was crying so hard…. but she was eating Uni spaghetti as shedding tears….  Man, I will send her tons of Uni if it’s her soul food…