Lovely Talk Between Haachan and Yukirin

  May 1, 2012

Maybe after some years, I’m still a noob in AKB…. I haven’t knew hidden relationship between Haachan and Yukirin.

Haachan: Yukirin wrote she likes me (she wrote her last name Katayama) ~\(//∇//)\ It’s so unlikely thing to happen that I’m scared!! No, I’m joking! I’m looking forward to tomorrow

Yukirin blog: “At Shake-Hands Event

We were together today whole day.
We will be together tomorrow whole day long too.
……’s little bit scaring (笑)
I mean….. I love Haachanにひひドキドキ

Then our Goddess Yukirin or Mr.Mets descented upon Haachan’s G+!!

Yukirin: (In Kansai-dialect) It’s serious, maybe. (笑) Two years later is too cool.

Haachan: What the heck is it maybe??? lol  Me, too. So many songs are too cool.
Haachan: BYW I’ve bee attracted to you since I met you at the audition (Both of them are 2gen), Do you remember I talked to you then? Yu, Yu, Yukirin.
Yukirin : Of course I remember it. You were in skyblue T-shirts and dark-color jersey! Looked so American~. Boku no Sakura so nice.
Haachan: You are amazing! I’m in relaxing bathtime!
Yukirin: Give me bathtime shot! >BBA (<- Babaa)
Yukirin: Please reply me soon!

Yukirin: Please get out of bath soon!

Yukirin: Or I call you!

Haachan: Yukirin, don’t call me BBA.
Yukirin: Okay! Where’s BBQ~
Haachan: I don’t turn on a light, so I can’t take a nice photo! But either way who want to see my bathtime shot??
Yukirin: No one! Sorry! <-Balck Yukirin
Haachan: Wow, you say it so straight forward!!
Haachan: Call me, Yukirin~
Haachan: Yukirin~ Le’t take a bath together next time!
Haachan: Though we are together for more than 5 years, we’d never taken a bath together?
Yukirin: Bathing together? No way! Call you? Call me!
Yukirin: (in Kansai-dialect) I’m being harsh because I love you.
It seems that when she imitate Kansai-dialect, she’s being Black Yukirn!?

Two Year Later

Boku no Sakura