Mariko Came Back To Twitter After 23 Hours ^^

  May 21, 2012

26 y/o Mariko Shinoda came back to twitter after 23 hours of withdrawl!!!

Mariko on twitter
“Hi there! ( *`ω´) ノ Because it’s become news, it’s a little bit awkward to come back hereーー( *;`ω´)
I could have myself refreshed, so I will start working hard again from tomorrow \(^o^)/”

“Oowwwww( *`ω´) I love to see a lot of comments from you!! Thank you♪LOVE♪ I’m a kind of person who forget things after I sleep one night, so I don’t remember why I’d been absent from twitter♪lol”

“Welcome back(。-_-。) I will stalk you again lol=͟͟͞͞ =͟͟͞͞ _(:3」 )=”

“I came back briskly~~~( *`ω´)”

One of original members of AKB, former SDN member Hana Tojima
“Okaeri Mariko\(^o^)/”


Maquia magazine editorial staff Naoko
“Good to see you on twitter again!! I’d missed you a little.. (´。・_・。`) But! We support you to the fullest always!!! Mariko-chan LOVE \(^o^)/”

“Owwww\(^o^)/Thank you so much♪ Thank you so much for supporting me and Nyaro lol”

“I feel sorry for about 1.08 million of followers♪ So I present you this solar eclipse ring for you!! I made Teruteru Bozu to wish a nice weather for today! Does this fit your finger well? lol”

Mariko on G+

I caught Sayaka Akimoto~!!
∧ ∧ Take this!!!
(*`ω´ ) Pu~~~ (fart)
 ⊂  ヽ

“When I was walking, I found the poster saying “Don’t look back, there’s no dream behind you“, and thought it’s really positive♪ There are different people on twitter and different opinions, making it really fun ( *`ω´) Actually I have a naive personality in part so please don’t be too hard on me (^-^)/ Oyayubinasai〜♪”

“I’m a kind of person who forget things after I sleep one night, so I don’t remember why I am absent from twitter♪lol” I think it’s good for Mariko to take it easy when she is using social media like twitter. We know Acchan is supported by Takamina, and Takamina is supported by Mariko, but we don’t know who Mariko can rely on…. I have no idea there’re people who can throw her offensive words, but haters gonna hate, but don’t worry….. many people loves you and your addictively funny tweets!! People are now throwing their questions to Togasaki on G+ (but seems moderation is working really well), which I think a right choice, at least far better than target Mariko…. After all it’s great if Twitter has soon become a peaceful place for her again!!

P.S. I thought it was Nyaro’s tweet so I didn’t check it, but….. I really had no idea what happened… I thought I was dreaming…. and…. I was so sad when she started updating her G+ that she would completely move to G+…..

Two channel’s Mariko fan thread is one of the most peaceful thread of it’s all AKB-related sections, and I found funny but heartwarming reactions of fans.

(・o・)ノ I bet she was just having a bad temper, saying “I stop this one!!!”
But since she couldn’t expect that this was gonna be news, she got upset!!!
This reminds me of my girlfriend who left our room after quarrel, saying “I’ll never be with you again.” came back only after one night.

(・_・) She didn’t have a bad temper but she was hurt. Are you crazy??

(・o・)ノ Gomen. (=Sorry)

(・_・) Oh… I’m sorry, too. I added an unnecessary word… 

(・o・)ノ No… it’s me who have to say sorry….
I was being too happy as she came back…. so I was trying be funny…

(ΘωΘ) Okay so I apologize to both of you, so it’s over, okay?

(бвб) Friendship after fighting is so nice!!

(´-∀-) Yeah so let’s have fun with Mariko!

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