Mariko Failed To Draw Nice Surprise Reaction From Kojiharu In ICE Cupnoodle Light Commercial?

  May 10, 2012

Nissin’s new commercial series for Cupnoodle light starts airing from today, which stars AKB’s popular members for each episodes. The first episodes of the commercial series stars Mariko Shinoda and Haruna Kojima, in which Mariko introduces the new way to enjoy Cupnoodle.

This episode features Nisshin’s new idea to enjoy Cupnoodle in hot summer, called “ICE Cupnoodle light”. , which use ice and a little water to make Cupnoodle instead of hot water. In each episode, one member introduce this new style to another member who are not told what will happen, and it supposed to enjoy how she reacts to this creative yet radical way to make summer Cupnoodle.

After the filming, when asked which score she can give to the filming, Mariko answered “I think my part is 100, but (Kojiharu’s) reaction is 50 lol”. Though Mariko took a time to prepare for this surprise, for Mariko, Kojiharu seemed to not be surprised enough when she entered the room. Kojiharu explained the reason her reaction was thin, “Because we always meet each other, so if it was my mother, I would be surprised but since it’s Mari-chan, it’s like ‘Oh we work together again!'”

When staffs pointed out that Kojiharu was blowing her breath to (cool) noodles, Mariko reacted “Noodle is cool but your way of eating it is not cool! It’s funny lol”. Kojiharu answered with usual laid-back funny tone, “I can’t help eat (noodles) this way. I even do this for Hiyasi Chuka!! But why did you notice this!?!?”

This commercial series goes on in relay style, and Kojiharu will play Mariko’s role for the next episode but her target has not yet announced.

Update: According to Bark, the filming of the commercial was conducted in the early Apr in the set surrounded by one-way mirror as cameras were standing by behind the mirror. Mariko arrived at the studio earlier than Kojiharu to arrange this surprise and learn how to cook ICE Cupnoodle. She test-tasted it, and said with a joyfully surprised tone, “This is perfect for summer! Very delicious!”
 After learned how to cook the noodle, she joined the meeting to arrange the surprise for Kojiharu.

Kojiharu, who were not told how commercial will be actually filmed, appeared in the studio, and the no cut filming had begun. Kojiharu looked perplexed as Mariko put ice cubes into Cupnoodle after poured some hot water. Though Kojiharu couldn’t hide her surprise, saying “What? What is this? Ice cubes? Are you serious!?”, when she was eating the finished product, she pleasantly said “Delicious!!”

You can read full interview below!

-How was ICE Cupnoodle light?

Kojiharu “It was really delicious! I thought why we haven’t had this style of noodle before. I coulnd’t stop eating it, because cool noodle tastes light that I can eat it even when I don’t have much appetite.”

Mariko “I also ate it, it’s cool and delicious. Like now trending cool Ramen, it has really light taste.”

-How was this surprise concept of the commercial?

Kojiharu “I was told that the filming starts, and urged to enter the room, then I saw this familiar face, so I was surprised like ‘What?’. Because I heard this commercial was going to be filmed individually.”

Mariko “You mean this (fake) story board? This commercial never exists lol. I was in the studio from the early in the morning and cooked ICE Cupnoodle light again and again, test-tasting it… I really prepared so much for the moment, but… her reaction was not so impressive…. she wasn’t surprised at all!! lol”

Kojiharu: “Because we always meet each other, so if it was my mother, I would be surprised but since it’s Mari-chan, it’s like ‘Oh we work together again!'”

-How do you score this filming?

Mariko “I think my part is 100, but (Kojiharu’s) reaction is 50 lol”

Kojiharu “But we really enjoyed this filming!”

-Do you do this kind of surprise for members?

Mariko “We do surprise for birthday party. But everyone can expect something will happen on their birthday, so they already know that it’s gonna be a surprise at the point when they get an invitation. But today’s surprise was a real surprise.” (Namida Surprise)

-Kojima-san, you are blowing your breath to cool noodles, but it’s ICE noodle…

Mariko: “lol It’s funny lol”

Kojiharu I can’t help eat (noodles) this way. I even do this for Hiyasi Chuka!! But why did you notice this!?!?”

-There were so many hidden cameras behind one-way mirror. Do you want to see them?

Kojiharu “No thanks!! lol”

Mariko “Assari, Sappari, Light!!! lol”

-Please send comments to audiences

Kojiharu “I’m Haruna Kojima, targeted for this surprise!”

Mariko “We really enjoyed new ICE Cupnoodle light! It’s delicious! It’s perfect for the upcoming season and I bet this will be this summer’s trend!”

Kojiharu “Everyone, please try yourself!”

Fans reacted the commercial which is starring this famous Gromance couple with comments like,
“This video truely depicts Mariko’s love for Kojiharu.”
“I need 24 hours version… (there’re only 15, 30 and 60sec version)”
“Mariko really like Kojharu… she stared at her too much…”
“No Cut version is the best!”
“Kojiharu is nervous when she reacts like this. Does that mean they are not actually close friends?”
“This pair has really elegant mood…. But what struck me the most is Mariko’s sweetest smile when she was looking at Kojiharu…”