As she announced earlier, Otagrapher Mariko Shinoda shared photos she took during the filming of MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!
While some of photos seems to be taken through “girl’s eyes”, some photos looks like they were taken when Ota possessed her body…..! And that’s why we call her Ota + Photographer = Otagrapher, not just a good cameraman. She created her own genre of art through her pictorials of AKB48!

Mariko Shinoda on her blog

Because I can’t take photos today as I join the press interview whole day, I share off-shots of MV!!
In the first day, we filmed the scene we dressed in torn-down costumes (of Evicachu) and were soaked into muddy water.
Akicha put a patch on her eyes. I don’t know why lol
It was hot, but because we were filming the scene where we got wet to the skin, it’s cold…
So we finished the day like this.
Of course I got tanned….or I shoud say I’m burnedDIMG0053.GIF
Next day, we filmed on the beachDIMG0015.GIF
Morning Mayuyu.
Iriyama-chan and KatoRena.
Photographing the album cover photo!!!!
Jurio is frolicking on…. Nyaro
Takamina is staring at something as if she found a target….
I figured out that she wanted to take a photo of Yukirin
LOL She looks so serious!!
I’ll share the rest next time~~EntryImage.gif

Mariko, Please!!! Release your first photobook as a photographer!!


Mariko on twitter

“Wait…. Is this real??? lol

Summary of “Don’t you think Mariko Shinoda looks like sexy dears or horses Osamu Tezuka-sensei drew??”

But people’s voice suggest she looks more like beautiful ladies Tezuka-sensei drew in his comics. Maybe it’s because her slim, long and good shaped legs and unisex face?