Mariko Shinoda Shows Her Uekara Mariko Attitude For Natsuki Satoh

  May 28, 2012
In the afternoon TV shoe Hiruobi, there was a tad cruel moment for Nacchi….
Because Yukirin has been starring in this show as a weather caster for 4 years (gasp!) and host of the show is from Kagoshima, the mood in this show is all for supporting Yukirin in the ongoing election.
As the host said “Of course we will support our Yukirin!!”, right before the weather forecast segment, Nacchi appeared with a little sad face….

There were literally no mention to Nacchi on her own election campaign, not a single word for her like “Nacchi! We are supporting you, too!”
According to rare fans who can watch this afternoon show, while 5 members of AKB48, Yukirin, Akicha, Mocchi, Shiichan and Nacchi are now serving as a weather caster in this TV show, casts in the show are so attached to Yukirin, and it gets even clearer during the election period.

Nacchi, right after her morning weather forecast, updated her G+.

Natsuki Satoh on G+
“I finished with morning weather forecast~!!
It may rain this evening!!”

Mariko: “E~~~~ really??? Even though it looks really fine right now? ー(:D)| ̄|_ =3 ブッ “
Mariya Suzuki: “I need to watch (her afternoon weather forecast (this 3 hours long show!!))”
Mariko:”Nacchi!! Stay strong( *`ω´) ノ I’m all for you!!” <- Uekara Mariko!!

Another bad news is that if they won’t change their regular schedule, Nacchi will appear in the show on 7th June, one night after the vote counting day….

But once again we are saved by Mariko. It more than a blessing that AKB48 has this 1.5gen, the eldest 超Senbatsu member who is always chilly and cares about junior members….