Today AKB48 wrapped up it’s revival Revue concert series Minogashita Kimitachie2 with AKB48‘s oldest stage Patry ga Hajimaruyo. 5+1 original members (Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahshi, Tomomi Itano, Haruna Kojima, Minami Minegishi  and Mariko Shinoda) met again on the stage, while for some members including Yui Yokoyama and Rie Kitahara, this is the first time they performed Party ga Hajimaruyo stage.

As many fans who couldn’t go to this concert wanted to feel how members look like dressed in the costumes which they originally wore on 8th Dec in 2005, the first stage of AKB48, Otagrapher Mariko-sama gave us a sneak peak of behind-the-scene through her twitter.
Mariko on Twitter
“I found a pervert who are trying to take a photo of members sleeping face!! You’re captured~~!!”
Hey beautiful police officer!! She is that culprit!! lol
“An angle is sleeping beside me~~~~~!!!( *`ω´)八(бвб) What a cute ear♪”
lol The beautiful police officer was an actually pervert herself !!!

“We wrapped up the first stage (=A1st Stage) \(^o^)/ This Minogashita Kimitachie Revue series were full of great songs of us and we were feeling the sense of nostalgia!! Everyone who joined the concerts at TDC hall and from movie theaters, thank you so much!!”

“The costume that everyone cared about lol It’s a seven years old costume!! What do you think??? lol”

Kojiharu on Twitter
“A1st Stage!! The costume was a bit embarrassing but the concert itself was so much fun!!

I reminisced about the past AKB48~ ( ´ ▽ ` ) This is the costume of Skirt Hirari! With Yu-chan♪”