So why many people including me love Mariko? This tweet may explain why…

東京ドームの次の日の公演か…。 出来るだけ皆入れるといいな、身勝手だけどあの子の門出を祝ってくれる人皆入れるといいな。

“Revue (at AKB theater) after Tokyo dome concert….. I know this is a selfish idea but I hope all people who celebrate her (あの子) departure can see her in person….”

あの子…. I can’t help but feel Mariko’s love to Acchan from this word choice…. This expression sounds cold occasionally, but somehow in this tweet, this term convey her caring love for 6 years younger member Acchan. Looking back, she was the only (major) member who expressed her wish that Acchan’s graduation would be 20 years later since Acchan hadn’t given specific date of her leave.

It’s surely gonna be crowded so much around AKB theatre on the day, since even though most of people can’t see the stage through their own eyes, everyone want to send her off, send final words for her at the very last moment of her as a member of AKB48.

Meanwhile Kaoru-san and Nana (KKS of AKB48) are frolicking each other as always (from DMM).

They really look friendly each other!! But…. Kaoru is making too much fun of herself being ‘Old’…I’m a little bit worrying that making fun of her age actually makes her old, though she may have no leisure to feel she is getting old as she’s been busy with tons of work.

So, now election Guidebook has published (which contains posters of all 326 candidates), and we found really funny election forecast of famous AKB fans on the book.
This may pretty much explain how the forecasts become ridiculously unrealistic when we explicitly express our expectation toward our Oshi-men.
But it also tells that “casual attitude” for realistic forecast, and “serious attitude” for supporting our Oshi-men are the ideal course to fully enjoy AKB’s elecion.

Election Forecast by AKB fans of notable public figures from official election guidebook 

rank Uesugi Uno Kobayasi Takemoto Nakamori Fukuda Mar Misugi Morinaga Susuro

1 Michan Oshima Oshima Oshima Rena Rino Takamina Oshima Oshima Yuihan
2 Rino Yukirin Rena Yukirin Jurina Sae Haachan Yukirin Mariko Haru*
3 Oshima Mariko Yukirin Mayuyu Rino Rena Oshima Mayuyu Rino Airin*
4 Tomochin Mayuyu Mariko Rena Yukirin takamina tomochin kojiharu takamina nakayan
5 takamina rino takamina kojiharu takamina mayuyu mayuyu rino mayuyu haruu
6 mariko rena jurina takamina mayuyu mariko michan rena yukirin yuukosu*
7 rena kojiharu yuihan tomochin mariko yukirin takajo mariko miichan sayanee
8 sayanee takamina renacchi mariko kojiharu kojiharu sae takamina kojiharu haruu
9 jurina tomochin paruru rino sae lovetan miorin sayanee rena joe*
10 mayuyu jurina miorin miichan miichan miichan mariko jurina tomochin paruru
11 kojiharu yuihan kojiharu kitarie oshima yuka sayaka tomochin takajo umechan
12 chuu kitarie sayanee takajo sayanee yuihan wasamin takajo sayaka milky
13 sayaka sae mayuyu sae yuihan takajo natsumi sae sae reinyan
14 harugon takajo miichan chuu takajo sayaka lovetan milky umechan shiori*
15 komorin sayanee chuu jurina mocchi jurina Ucchi* paruru chuu kawaei
16 Chris* miichan kitarie sakiko kitarie oshima churi kitarie shiori komariko

*Haruna Kinoshita of NMB48
*Airi Furukawa of SKE48
*Yuuko Sugamoto of HKT48
*Mayumi Uchida of AKB48
*Eriko Joe of NMB48
*Shiori Nakamata of AKB48
*Mayumi Uchida of AKB48
*Tomomi Nakatsuka of AKB48

Obviously they have no intention to make a precise forecast but they just enjoy exploding their soulful passion for Oshi-men lol