Marvelous Fanmade Election Campaign Posters For Takamina, Sashiko and Paruru

  May 30, 2012

As Chuu (Tomomi Kasai) goes ahead of other members in terms of fanmade election campaign posters as there’s one amazingl skilled creator in Chuu’s team, other members’ Ota are tying ther best to make high-quality campaign poster that well describing the personality of their Oshi-men and their passion for the girls.

Look these absolutely amazing works of Ota-creators!!

Let’s lift Takamina up!!!

We’ve found “Personification” of our will!!

Note: The person who is lifting Takamina is not hentai. She is Shinobu Kayano, costume manager of AKB48 

This poster is filled with Sashihara’s way of life!!!

Even though she has disappointingly small breasts…..
Even though she has a face look like a devil…
Even thoughshe is a member who takes on weird side of AKB48….
Even thoughshe is Hentai lady….
if you still love her, then let’s join us (raise your finger (= Yubi) if you want to join us!!)

One of the prospects for the next Aces of AKB48, Paruru also has several creators in her team.
Your one vote starts the journey of Haruka Shimazaki
Your one vote makes her Kawaii
Who you should vote for? It’s self evident.
“In the past, you were running.. you could even fly the air….”
“Your vote starts the run of Haruka Shimazaki”
Toward the height of AKB48….
Grab the seat of Senbatsu…!!!
From 2channel 島崎遥香応援スレ, 高橋みなみ応援スレ, 指原莉乃応援スレ