Note: In this post I was supossed to write on fans thought on why AKB is awesome, but since I found some fans still have grudge toward one member of SMAP, who got kissed from 12 members of AKB, I changed the topic to introduce this (disastrous?) incident .

Though I wrote on my concern about AKB’s future, specifically that AKB will peak this year and start to decline, I also believe there’ll emerge rising stars who can bring AKB project to the next level. I don’t know whether these stars will come from. They may be not from AKB but from Namba, Sakae, Hakata or Jakarta, but as AKB project is getting too big that it became impossible to be managed by one producer, next captor will be based on franchise system (AkiP suggested this in a interview). But before looking for how next system of AKB will be turned out, let’s listen to what Japanese Ota think about AKB’s enormous success.

From two channel “Though we tend to think AKB’s success is a thing of course, it’s actually a unbelievably great success achieved after 4 years of career as underground idols”

(Note:  AKB project started from a small theatre in AKihabara. At their first Revue in the theatre on 8th Dec 2005, there were only 7 audiences. It’s commonly said only these 7 audiences are “Veteran Fans of AKB”. So whether you became a fan one week ago, or 3 years ago, all of us except 神7 (fans) are just AKB fans of the same rank. It doesn’t matter when you became an AKB fan, but what mattes is your love and passion for our girls!! )

Because Kusanagi (a member of SMAP) got kisses from members. (he obviously still has had grudge after 9 months…)

So what was this KUSANAGI case in AKB history?

In Smap’s namesake TV show, they have a cooking section in which they invite guests and members of Smap form 2 teams to compete each other in cooking. And winner of this cooking match, judged by guests, will get a kiss from guests. Since 12 members guested this show and Kusanagi won the match, this incident happened. Here are photos of the scenes!

Fans reaction 

 F**k you……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What? Tell me who kissed him!?!?!?!?!

All 12 members kissed on his cheeks….

I don’t think this marks the end of AKB, but I’m so curious who’s thread will be burning the most!?!?!?

I was gonna vomit blood……..

Hahaha what a win for me who don’t have Oshi-Men is Senbatsu members!!!

LOL look members’ threads! Ota’s Reactions are so different from member to member!!! (As you probably already thought, Mayuyu and Yukirin’s threads were like a riot and funeral were occurring at the same time. And needless to say, Rena-Ota were…. I can’t dare to see their reactions….)

Acchan’s (前田敦子) thread

Kissing Acchan is so cute.. she is cute in every moments….

Wowwwww she kissed just normally…!!

I’m so jealous……..!

It’s so rare to see all Senbatsu members kiss one man!!

 I don’t know why, but I can allow this because this is Kusanagi.

Hey I didn’t feel any mental damage, but rather I think it’s really gorgeous to see Acchan is kissing!!!! Is it only me??

Uhmm me too.

Haha we are used to see her kissing..

Mariko’s (篠田麻里子) thread

I love Mariko’s kissing face~

It’s the first time I saw Mariko kissing someone!! I’m jealous of him~~!!

Yes, it’s the first time.

LOL I didn’t expect to see her first kissing in public in this way!!!

We are cool, aren’t we?

Yeah since we are adults… though I got a little upset…

Because she was just so cute.

I’m a little bit happy to see her kissing face… It made my heartbeat faster…

Yuko’s (大島優子) Thread

Hell…. I’m jealous…
But somehow Kusanagi’s personality allow me to forgive him…… I don’t know why….

Yeah if it’s not him I don’t think I can keep cool..

It’s totally acceptable. Rather, it’s heartwarming!

Haha it’s more like she kissed on Mascot!!!

Mayuyu’s (渡辺麻友) thread (aka Cold Sweating Daydream)


Mayuyu kissed a man!?!?!?!?!!?


Why tears are running down my cheeks…?

Oh come on this is not good!!

Are you Okay?
I came her because I’m just worrying about you….
from Nakayan-Ota.

No… I’m not ok… I’m lost…..
I mean… I feel pity for her…… because this might be her first kiss….

I’m alright! Though I can’t stop tears coming out….

It’s real…. my tears don’t stop coming out…………………

It gradually causes me damage life body blows………..

Don’t you think she was reluctant to kiss him?
I kinda saw her wiping her mouth.

Yeah I saw it

You are talking about this?

Yes! She wiped her mouth while pretending to be laughing.
You know…. we can’t do anything but just have to understand this gesture represents her real emotion…


Don’t say this is Mayuyu’s first kiss……………!!!!!!!
I heard Mayuyu-Ota were over, so how are you doing? (<-Other members-Ota)
No way…. This can’t be true!!!
I’m totally exhausted…
Yukirin’s (柏木由紀) Thread (aka Riot)

I will apply for Junny’s…….. (<- Smap's agency, Junny's is the most famous agency boys idols.)

No….. she is touching…


 Finally even Yukirin passed away………

Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! He stole Yukirin’s sweet lips!!! orz

Did you see her kiss?? Her hands were so gently touching his shoulder…
Yeah yeah!! It’s like Geisha!!!
Seriously I’m jealous of him……. This kiss was so sweet…
She looked so happy after she kissed….
 Her subtle sexiness is ridiculously dangerous……..
Her way of placing her hands on his shoulder was just too sexy……..
Her manner to approach Kusanagi was also so attractive that I’m suspicious she would be actually very experienced…
I’ll protest Fuji (Television)
I’m going to be naked in a park… (<- several years ago, Kusanagi was arrested for being naked in a park)

Uwaaaaaaaaannnnnnn ・゚・(つД`)・゚・

Her Oppai, her Oppai was touching!!!!!

Yukirin…………. I can’t recover from this damage for a while……… I can’t……

F**k youuuuuuuuuu
Bring me Sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NyanNyan’s (小嶋陽菜) thread

Ohhh NyanNyan kissed……..

It’s the best kissing!


It seems we are all cool.
Nyan-Ota is da best!!

Her lips were shaped like Manga!
She is not good at kissing just like her image!

Because she kissed a handsome man, I didn’t feel pain at all.
How are Ota of other members feeling now?
I’m getting immune to her kissing, but it’s still tough she is losing her clean image…. 
LOL Nyan Ota are immune to her kissing to other men? You are so cool!
Takamina (高橋みなみ) thread (aka heaven)
Takamina couldn’t reach his cheek even she was standing on tiptoe!!!! Kawai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Takamina Kawaeeeeeeee(/▽\)♪
You were so cute and tiny~~~~!
LOL There’re tons of tweets which express their Moe feeling for Takamina’s tininess!
 Her height saved us!!!!!!!
Takamina tried so hard that she was even standing on tiptoe and stick out her lips but couldn’t kiss!!!!!
Takamina~~~~ you are so cute~~~~!

Rena (松井玲奈) Thread (aka Massacre)

Are you still breathing?

You… you guys don’t kill your self!!!
It’s CG!!!!

Whatever hardship you’ll face, you gotta live on…….

I can’t live in this world anymore…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((((( ;゚Д゚)))))ガクガクブルブル  (<- he is expressing that he is so scared)

But her dream is to become an actress, so this is a necessary step for her….
We should accept his….
We should accept his…. 
We should accept his…. 

I want to die..
I’ll take a day off tomorrow…
I’ll sleep right now.
I don’t want to live anymore…

Calm down everyone… calm down. Let’s look at the bright side, it wasn’t lips to lips.

Me Dead…….
I think this program was a elaborate plot to kill Rena-Ota…… 
Her virginity….. her virginity………. I’m gonna die…
Not it’s not a man, it’s not Kusanagi…. it’s just protein and fat tissue……
Come over here!! Wounded armies are here!!
Hang in there!!! I came here since I was worrying you Rena-Ota!!
That’s why I didn’t want her to be in Media Senbatsu!!!!!!!

I came to join a funeral…


I think this may cause loss of real life…

Tomochin (板野友美) Thread

LOL Tomochin’s kiss was so aggressive.

yeah her kiss was so dynamic!!

I’m jealous but it’s not something drives me insane.

Wow Tomochin-Ota are really cool. I saw other members thread and they completely went crazy…

Difference between Tomochin-Ota and Other Members-Ota can be seen in a situation like this.
They, including me, are not like idol-Ota, aren’t they?

Sae’s (宮澤佐江) Thread

I’m dead because Sae-chan’s kiss was deadly cute.
It was like ‘Chu’

Because everyone knows Sae is more handsome than Kusanagi,
I don’t feel any jealousy or grudge for this.

LOL you guys really had 0 damage!!

Sashiko’s (指原  莉乃 ) thread

First Kiss!!!

Sashiko “It’s my first kiss after 5 years…”

The End\(^o^)/

She looked like she is not used to kiss.

You don’t know? Her kiss drives every man crazy about her.

After kissing Sashiko looked so embarrassed lol So cute!

LoL I got a boner!

It was air-kiss, not actually touching.

It looks like even her small boobs (AAA) was touching his arm!

LOL you guys are so funny as always.

Akicha (高城亜樹) Thread

Kisscha Kawaii!

OMG Akichan’s first kiss…

She had complicated face after the kiss…. was she being shy?

Kissing on cheeks won’t make our love for Akicha unstable. That’s Akicha-Oshi quality!!

Though Mayuyu-Ota pointed out she was wiping her mouth, showing her disgust for the kiss, to my eyes she clearly clapping hands and smiling right after the kiss…. Anyway, the cutest girl in the show was obviously….. Takamina!! But I think real winner of whole this incident was Nakayan-Ota, who showed outstanding kindness and sympathy…