Mayuyu Got Support from Creators of Ultraman

  May 17, 2012

Tsuburaya production, the creators behind Ultraman series has spoken out that they will support Mayuyu for the upcoming election.

Many staffs of Tsuburaya pro is known to be AKB fans and they featured 7 members of AKB in their latest moive Ultraman Saga.
All of these 3 introduced here are involved in the production of Ultraman Saga as a molder or a script writer.

— 長谷川圭一 (@dinahasegawa) April 18, 2012

He said he is studying about the upcoming election by reading the election guidebook of AKB.
What’s interesting is that he seems to be a huge fan of DiVA (since DiVA members starred movie Ultraman Saga) and regularly tweets the cheering message for DiVA members to wish their best luck in the election.

@nakazawatakeshi お花見、中沢先生にせっかく誘っていただいたのに伺えず申し訳ありませんでした!「まゆゆは可愛い!」←お詫びのつぶやき。
— 寒河江弘(日本語) (@sagaehiroshi) April 7, 2012

Im previous tweet, he said “Mayuyu Kawaii!” has been a shared word among Tsuburaya’s staffs and they’ve used this instead of normal greetings such as ‘Good morning’. And he actually used this word instead of “Gomennasai”.

@sagaehiroshi  「ウルトラマンサーガ観てね!」も続けていくうちに絶対効力が発揮されていくと思います! 自分もAKBのようなパワーはありませんが会う人会う人に「ウルトラマンサーガ観てね」と言ってます!「今年は、まゆゆの総選挙の順位を上げよう」とも言ってますけど(笑)。
— 中沢健 (@nakazawatakeshi) April 7, 2012

He tweeted about how he’s been promoting Tsuburaya’s movie Ultraman Saga and how small effect his words have compared to AKB. But he said that he continues to spread his words, and in addition, in this election period, he is also telling to people “Let’s rank up Mayuyu.”
Mayuyu fans reacted this sincere supports from Ultraman staffs with comments like these,

I think we can expect 2nd or 3rd place for Mayuyu!!
With the help of national hero Ultraman, I want her to be a center of the national idol group!!
Why Mayuyu? lol
LOL Only one man is supporting DiVA members??
(Tsuburaya pro featured DiVA members plus Sumire Satoh, Kana Kobayashi and Haruka Shimada)
LOL They are trying to make twin talk major hair style??
Okay that’s why they choose twin tail for that Ultraman….
But this production also support other members such as Suuchan or Yuihan..
Oh it’s gonna be Oshiri sisters will dominate top-2!!!???
Please create UltraMayuyu!!
Ultraman Mayuyu!