Minami Minegishi: There is no such a Dirty member in AKB48 who put her Nude Photo on her blog

  May 27, 2012

As the early result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo was announced on 23th, members may have complex feelings about their own and other members results.

These days as AKB48‘s new single has released on 22th, members frequently have made TV appearances, though it’s rare to hear their words on the ongoing election.

But Minami Minegishi, who guested TV show Takeshi no Nippon no Mikata, hosted by movie director, comedian, one of the most influential TV personality in Japan, Takeshi Kitano, gave us a sneak peak of how members are dealing with this tough elections days.

Prior to the on-air of music TV show Music StationTV Asahi‘s announcer Yohshie Takeuchi asked members of AKB48 about their thoughts on the election in the pre-show segment, which is always aired between commercials right before the show starts airing.

While members who ranked in top places were briefly talking about how they’re feeling about their own rankings, Atsuko Maeda, who aren’t participating in this election talked “I’ve been excited and nervous, together with members.” Though she is now experiencing this election in a different position from other members, she is also feeling “tension” even though it may be a different kind from last year’s.

After the broadcasting of this week’s episode of MS, Takeshi no Nippon no Mikata which Miichan guested started airing from 10PM. This week, the show was themed on “Ranking“.

When, understandably, asked about AKB48 election, which can be explained as a event deciding a ranking of all members, from her super seniors of this business, Miichan answered “Actually there’s little we can do for the election.” “Such as updating our blogs more often… so we gotta do what we can do.”

Takeshi quipped “Is it against the rule to put nude photos on your blogs??” which was immediately denied by Miichan “There’s no such dirty member in AKB48!!” Comedian Tsuchida didn’t give up, added “But this is one of  available strategies!!” Miichan then a little shaken as she said “E? Is this??” but soon denied it, too, stating “But we have a line as an idol that we should never cross…”

As the election is kind of an event which decides popularity ranking, Taichi Kokubu, a member of popular idol group Tokio, advised to Miichan. He said “In the early period of my career, I was thinking that I want to be the most popular idol, but now I don’t care about it (popularity) at all.” “Now my life is far easier than in the period when I was thinking about my appearance all the time!!” Tsuchida added “I was a boring comedian back when I was protecting myself with “armor” of the desire of being considered as witty and funny person”

Touched by the honest remarks by her super seniors, Miichan inadvertently confessed “I’m envious of you~. I want to take my armor off soon…” She soon realized that her remark made the mood a bit awkward for a moment, so added a word by saying “I mean…. the armor “binding myself”

Miichan has been publicly stating “I am not quite sure how long AKB will sustain.” Her remark may suggest that she is truly envious of her seniors in this business who pulled of “armor” and freely enjoy their careers.

Miichan was placed in 15th in the early result, which can be considered as a good result. Minami Takahashi (Takamina), who placed 5th, talked in the pre-show segment of MS, “Because Akimoto-san says this is a festival, I want to enjoy this festival as much as possible regardless of how much votes I get.”  If members pulled off their heavy armor like Takamina, they would be able to fully enjoy the election like her.

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