NHK TV Show Shibuya DeepA Showcased Darlings of Kansai, Milky and Nana From NMB48

  May 19, 2012

NMB48 member Milky (Miyuki Watanabe) and Nana (Nana Yamada) made their appearance in NHK’s TV program Shibuya DeepA last night. This program consists of several segments including introduction of viewer emails where they introduce funny episodes of their daily lives or relationships and the quiz segment.
Anyway, I heard both of the NMB girls were insanely cute in this nation-widely broadcast TV show!! So let’s take a look!!

Milky and Nana~~~~~ They already captured our hearts by this very first cut….

Good evening~~~!

They are ridiculously cute….I just can’t do anything but smile…
Personality assessment segment: Girls answer to questions
Q. What item do you want to get first in RPG games?
Sword, Armor, Healing item
Nana: “Armor”
Milky: “Healing item”
Q. Who do you respect the best?
Jeanne d’Arc, Steve Jobs, Mother Teletha, mahatma gandhi
Nana: “Mother Teletha”
Milky: “Mahatma Gandhi”
Q. How do you react when you find your old acquaintance?
Nana: “Pretend that I didn’t notice him/her” 
Q. Studying alone… which place you can study the most efficiently?
Home, Restaurant (ファミレス), Library
Nana: “Library”
Milky: “Restaurant”
Q. What do you do when someone (boyfriend?) suddenly told you he/she will visit your room?
Prepare tea and sweets, Clean the room and change clothes, Decline
Milky: “Clean the room and change clothes.”
The results of the assessment are…

Personality: Strong and simple
Tend to feel stressed when you are given spotlights and stand out.

Personality: Innocent and Cheerful
Tend to feel more stressed when you take on responsibilities than other people. 
Sayanee G+
“My result was….

Defensive attitude and love to be alone….
so I’m “‘trong and Simple’ type like Nana.

I feel stressed with spotlights?
I want to decline to comment on this lol

Okay I’ll be taking a bath now!”

^^ It looks lik she is getting high!! Because her chin goes up!!
In this segment, girls read sweet words written in letters from listeners.
Nana: “No… I can’t suppress my feeling any more…
I love you~~~!!”
Milky: “Honey~~ wake up~~~!
If you don’t wake up, I snuggle into a futon and sleep beside you!”

LOL Who can sleep peacefully when she is lying next to you!! 
I’m gonna die with too much excitement….
Milky “Do you know that I’d liked you before……
and still now….” 
What an adorable smile after she finished reading the line…
Nana: “So thank you for coming everyday…
But it’s about time that you have to make it clear whether you come here to eat Takoyaki or to meet me!”

(/ω\) Kyawaii….
Of course everyone come over the Takoyaki store to see you!!!
Milky: “If you say it again, I’ll shut your mouth with my lips!!!”
Milky! Milky!! She is completely being an idol of incomparable charm in this segment!!!
I think NHK will let them guest this show again!!!!!!!
I want to have a miniature Milky which I can always carry with!!!
Nana G+
“So it (the filming of the segment) tensed me up!!!”
But… it was really fun!!
How do you feel?? ( ^^)”
Milky G+

“We finally arrived at our hotel(´・ω・`)

I have no idea whether I could do a good job for that sweet words segment, because I was too shy.

I’ll be taking a bath now, and then go to bed.

If you don’t get up in the morning when I wake you up,

I’ll snuggle under a Futon and sleep together with you♥

Yes, this was the phrase I read in today’s show.

Good night.”