Rena Matsui Talked About How She and SKE members Asked AkiP To Change The Title Of Their New Single

  May 16, 2012
Rena Matsui is one of the ‘Goddess of Shake Hands Event’ of whole AKB project
SKE48‘s new single (9th) Aishiteraburu is released today. The title track of the single represents the SKE’s signature style of upbeat dance tune, which Yuria Kizaki described ‘so lovely and hot that it will melt ice-cream!!’ Akane Takayanagi added the determination to Yuria’s exciting words, saying “Our passion that SKE will go bigger is sung in this song.”

Initially the title of the song had been Airabushiteru, which was named by the songwriter and producer Yasushi Akimoto. But after members of SKE reached the consensus that Aishiteraburu fit the song better, Rena Mastui directly appealed to AkiP to change the title, making it changed to the current one.

Sponichi conducted the interview to 3 members of SKE48, Rena Matsui, Yuria Kizaki and Akane Takayanagi on this brave direct appeal to AkiP.

-Please talk about the back story of title change of this song.

Rena “We filmed the lip scene (for MV) when the song hadn’t still complated. We had 2 different chorus then, Airabushiteru (I love shiteru) and Aishiteraburu (Aishite love you). We sang both and found Aishiteraburu is better as it sounds more catchy.”

-But AkiP chose Airabushiteru?

Rena “Yes, so we are told Aishiteraburu was chosen for the title. But everyone was like ‘I don’t think is a better choice !?’ So I told Akimoto-sensei that ‘Everyone says Aishiteraburu is better.’ via email.”

-Then… what happened?

Rena “He simply replied ‘It’s ok (to change it.)'”

-But didn’t it take a lot of nerve to mail this to AkiP?

Rena “Yes, it took a courage (笑)”

-It’s a direct appeal!?

Rena “Because this is what Akimoto-sensei decided. So I thought if the title will change, it would cause  troubles for staffs. I was also concerning that what should I do if Akimoto-sensei said ‘No’.

-Even you were worrying about those things, you wanted the title to be changed.

Rena “Everyone agreed with the idea that Aishiteraburu is better. As I sang the song, I also found it’s easier to flow my mind over the tune with Aishiteraburu.”
-Have you ever appealed your opinion to Akimoto-san directly?
Rena “I’d never done directly before.”

-During the Seibu Dome Concert last summer, Akimoto-san said ‘Don’t you have your own opinion? (If you have tell me)’. Don’t you feel more encouraged when your opinion is accepted?

Rena “It’s not particularly a special feeling, but I think we could have SKE like song. It’s nice that we didn’t have to leave a strange feeling for the song.”

-AKB is creating their own Setlist themselves. Can we expect SKE will state their opinions in Revues or live concerts more?

Rena “I think it’s convincing when done by AKB-san, but to do the same thing as AKB-san I have a feeling that we still have something left to do.”
-SKE still lacks convincing power?

Rena “We still haven’t reached the point for it… I think it’s difficult to stand up to say ‘We do on our own’. But some day I want to do it.”

-Let’s talk about the election. It’s approaching.

Akane Takayanagi “Since 64 members are selected for the election single, we have more chance than before and I hope as many members as possible to be ranked-in. I have a feeling that I want to see hardworking members rewarded.”

-So you want as many SKE members as possible to be in top-ranking positions?

Rena “I rather think it’s better that SKE members are evenly distributed in the ranking. If only several members are concentrated in top-rank, that means we have huge gap among members. It’s a bit problematic as a group. So like Churi (Akane) said, I hope as many members as possible to be ranked-in. “

-Rena-san, you placed in 10th last year. Do you feel the pressure that you have to rank yourself higher.

Rena “I don’t feel pressure particularly…but since Maeda-san won’t participate in this election, I have a feeling that I will rank up by one place. I think being in 10th is already a great thing, so even though I couldn’t rank up from 10th, it’s still great, but I also think… I want to ascend in this election. But this is not something that I can do by myself, but it’s all about fans’ will. I just want to embrace them and express my gratitude to my fans on the election day (6th June).”

-If you at least rank up by one place, that means you will place in single digit rank.

Rena “From Shake-Hands events etc. I have felt that’s what my fans are expecting in this election. But it’s not all about having a good result. I think the most important thing is keep doing good job in given work.”
-Takayanagi-san, how about you?

Akane “I was given a opportunity to be Undergirls as I placed in 23th last year. But I’m being ambitious  to aim at top-16, though I think the bar is really high. “

-How about Kizaki-san? Can you be ambitious enough to set your goal to be No.1?

Yuria “It’s impossible!! (can’t hide her surprise, as she is looking at Rena) No!”

Rena “I didn’t say anything (笑). But if so, I’m rooting for you!”

-1st place Yuria Kizaki…. It’s gonna be huge surprise!?

Yuria “I don’t have a number as a goal. But election will show the result that comes after long lasted fans supports, so I hope my rank is going to satisfy my fans and me. “

Source Rakuten Woman, Sponichi

Rena and Churi made their appearance in the afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo this afternoon (on 16th May), which was the first time to guest this popular show for Churi.

Warette Iitomo