Sae Made Miscomment, Mariko Cheers Up Sashiko, etc.

  May 3, 2012

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Today’s first new is…

Sae Miyazawa Made Miscomment


Sae( 宮澤佐江 ) on G+

“Yasusu-sensei! Happy birthday!\(^o^)/♥

Let’s go with full of energy!!\(^o^)/♥

And… Sassy! Congratulation for your solo debut!!!\(^o^)/♥


Though you have disappointingly small breasts, I love you nonetheless (Soredemo Sukidayo)!”
 *Soredemo Sukidayo: Title track of Rino Sashihara aka Sashiko’s solo debut single
Yes, Sashiko(指原莉乃) is obviously flat chested. But Sae…. can you say this to other girls when you are….  lol
Harukyan has an amazing stuff
Harukyan (石田晴香) on G+
“I finished solo photoshooting with YoungJump and Up To Boy. (^O^)
When I’m told their release dates, I’ll announce them here!
I don’t know why but I look thinner when I’m wearing cloths.”
Some fans reacted with enormous joy, commented like “It’s always good when I can see veins seen though skin.”
Mujineki (Misaki Iwasa/岩佐美咲) is a genius
Wasamin on G+
Congratulation for your solo debut!!! I’m sooo happy!
 You always mention my single ‘Mujineki’ when you have a chance.. I’m so grateful to you.
As a sign of my gratitude, I’ll buy your CD tomorrow!!
Soredemo! Sukidayo!!
I’ll sing your song at Karaoke next time!”
She commented her own post because fans reluctantly let her know that Sashiko is loosing to Nogizaka.
“Now I’m on my way to home…”
“What? Should I hurry up?”
“(She finally knew the sales figure) I’ll smash Nogizaka!!!!!!!”
“My Sashiko…”
“Nogizaka is our rival..”
“I’ll never buy Nogizaka’s CD!”
“It’s completely different from our fans are moving to SKE, NMB and HKT!!!!!”
“Yeah I know they are so cute, but…”
“Because they’re so cute, I see them as our rival!”
“I don’t know how this match will turn out, but Sassy is doing really well too!”
“More than 50 thousands for one day!?”
“My single is finally able to see the tail of her single’s sales figure after steady campaign around the nation for 3 months….”
“Uhmmm I start to feel pathetic..”
“Mujineki! (title name of her single)”
“I really like home-like mood of my campaign…”
Fans comments include “This is her own clever way to promote her single.. lol” “Given the genre of her single (Enka), I think she’s been doing fantastic. 48 thousands for Enka record? No one can hit the same sales number for debut single in this genre!!”
Mariko cheers up Sashiko
Mariko(篠田麻里子) on G+
As Mariko and Kojiharu tweeted to show their support to Sashiko for the battle against Nogizaka, Mariko was secretly just playing with the topic on her G+ , because G+ is an ideal playground for Mariko as everyone knows 🙂

! ! /
ヽ\  /
゜∧_ ∧ 。
。(( *`ω´)っ ゜
゜(つ  / ゜。
| (⌒)`

“Uwaaaaaaa! Sashiko!!!!!!! Soredemo Sukidayo!!!!”

She posted the same post twice lol

! ! /
ヽ\  /
゜∧_ ∧ 。
。(( *`ω´)っ ゜
゜(つ  / ゜。
| (⌒)`

“Uwaaaaaaa! Sashiko!!!!!!! Soredemo Sukidayo♪”

シェ― │――!!
\      /
/⊃ ⌒ ヽ
|( *`ω´)
ヽ  ⊂)
(,,つ. ノ
/   し’   \

“Sheeeeeeeeeeeee!  I posted the same post again♪( *`ω´)”

Mariko always expands borders…. Always teach us how to make the best of social media….
SKE member Seira Satoh pleased fans with her glamour
Seira Satoh(佐藤聖羅) on G+
“Though it’s image quality is not good enough…
This is my favorite photo (from Gravure photoshooting)
I want to ride on a horse~ (with this costume)
Though I’ve never done it before…”
She formerly belonged to YellowCab agency, the famous agency for Gravure idols, and obviously she is totally different from other so called “sexy team of AKB” members. When compared to real Gravure idols, I somehow can understand why liking AKB girls makes someone labeled as Lolicon… But seeing fans excited reactions, AKB fans just cover wide range of cravings, and I think it’s true to you and me too.